Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Some of us have to work. Others get to lie in the sun.

Sirius (oh no, you're right, Daughter 2 - Cassie ) enjoys a patch of indoor sunshine.

From today's batch of essays:

"I feel motivated to follow my hearth." (Me too. It's far too cold to follow anything unheated.)

"This play is about a grizzly murder." (That'll be A Winter's Tale, then, with its stage direction Exit, pursued by a bear.)

Must go and mark some more.

Edited to add, the next day...

What I originally put in my laboured little parenthesis was that the grizzly must have been in Pericles. Then suddenly, this morning at work, a propos of nothing at all, I thought - argh, it's not Pericles, it's A Winter's Tale. So, unable to bear the thought of this silly mistake remaining on my blog, I logged on as myself-at-home - which is a bit of a fiddle when I'm not at home - and rapidly made the change. Only because I was hurrying, I typed A Winer's Tale, which made no sense, or in fact looked as if I was making some ponderous but incomprehensible joke.

Oh, ho, the irony: mocking others for their errors and making TWO myself. Serves me right!


  1. I want YOUR job Isabelle! I'm sure it must be frustrating and times, but those times should all be outweighed by the humor!

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  3. Umm... Mum, are you SURE that's not Cassie? Look at the tufty ears and the downy soft tummy. However, perhaps it is Sirius as I know for a fact that my mother is always right. Love you, D2 xx

  4. Ha ha ha! I love the part about the grizzly murder. That's great!

  5. A winter's tale surely? :D

  6. From a 9 year old's answer to a comprehension question:

    Question: What happened to the outlaws when Sir David made them his bowmen?

    Answer: They became Inlaws.

    I'm sure they all lived happily ever after. Glad someone has time to enjoy the sunshine, it's a cat's duty after all.

  7. See, that's why we got one black/white cat and one tortoiseshell. Easy to tell apart.

  8. We forgive you Isabelle. We know you have lots of distractions on your hearth, or is it in your heart?

  9. I bet it feels nice to see that sunshine after all the snow and grey days!

  10. "... pursued by a bear..."

    Like it!

  11. Oh Isabelle... in that spirit, my post today is for YOU! Go and have a look.

  12. He, he, he! The teacher is human!

    How do you tell your kitties apart? They look like identical twins to me! Are their personalities different?

  13. I'm so happy, I'm so happy - I've found someone else who writes about marking!