Thursday, April 22, 2010

Can I speak to Mr Life?

And then my mother took a funny turn. But enough of my woes (and thank you for your kind sympathy). Today I won a tiny victory for consumers. I think.

A chap phoned up just as I got home. He had an Indian or Pakistani accent and was quite hard to understand, but he wanted to speak to Mr Life. Now, Mr Life is a fine chap but he's not fond of being cold-called. He wasn't there anyway. So I enquired who this was. He said he was calling from "Three"and wanted Mr Life to phone him back. Not knowing much about our electronic affairs, I wasn't really sure who Three was/were and had no idea whether we were customers or whether the chap was trying to sell us something, so I enquired about the reason for the call, since Mr Life wouldn't want to call him back just to be sold something. The chap prevaricated. I asked again and - he hung up on me. Result!


  1. Good for you! I'm usually too chicken to say much -- I just say he isn't here and they say they'll call later. TheManoftheHouse always wants me to ask who's calling but I just want to get the call over and don't want to bother!

  2. Hi Isabelle.
    Three in australia is A mobile phone company and they are always trying to get you to buy A mobile phone from them.They mighi be over in Scotland Trying to sell them now They are A mennace The caller always sounds Indian,Just hang up on them we do.Have A good weekend.
    Hugs Mary.

  3. Husband is short and sharp with cold callers, but he doesn't always listen to make sure that's what they are - I've recently had to phone back the doctors' receptionist who was in high dudgeon, and the garage who, fortunately, thought it was funny. (Note how it's me doing the ringback). Have now registered with Telepone Preferences to try and stop cold callers and forbidden him from answering any caller until he's listened to who it is - won't work but I can but try!

  4. Good work. In Australia you can register on a Do Not Call list which means pests like that are not allowed to call you. It is great. And if I do get a call, I say "may I have your details please? We are on the Do Not Call Register and it's illegal to call us". They hang up very quickly then!

    I hope your Mum has recovered from the funny turn.

  5. Dad used to have a Three mobile phone, actually. So did D2. I don't think either of them still does, though!

  6. I suppose determined interrogation is as good a technique as any other for getting rid of cold callers!

  7. Banks, telephone and insurance companies and such, making apparently legitimate enquiries and requiring proof of your identity...even after THEY have rung YOU.., can test the stoutest hearts.
    After my last, when the phoner, apparently trying to establish cordial relations said, "Have you had a nice day?"
    to which I responded, "Is that relevant?" I have felt quite sick about these calls.
    They bring out the worst in me, whereas in the rest of my life I am trying to cultivate the best in me.
    #@^$%$%^ off unsolicited calls.

  8. I have been known to get rid of such cold callers by conversing with them in Swedish. The fact that I do not speak Swedish does not seem to interfere with the efficacy of this tactic.

  9. Good job getting rid of him.
    Prevaricated - now that's a good word! :)
    The best thing we've ever done is add caller ID (it's packaged with our telephone and internet service). It saves so much hassel from annoying callers. We're on the "do not call" list but there are still those that are exempt who try to solicit in one way or another. I've never had one ask to be called back though. That's perculiar.