Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ups and downs

An email from our doctor son today, reporting on his night shift. He went on,

Apparently the front of our building is sort of falling off, so builders need to come into the flat, take up the floor boards and tie the front of the building to the floor. I can't really see how this will achieve anything other than the front of the building taking a small slice of the floor with it when it crumbles to the ground, but what do I know? Unfortunately it's going to involve the sitting room, probably tomorrow when I'll be trying to sleep. Ah well.

I'm glad it's just a rented flat, that's all.

I do miss him. He's been gone for a year and ten months.

Mother feeling better, by the way, thank you. Aunt still cheerful but very forgetful. (Maybe that's the answer to life's problems: if you can't remember anything for more than about three minutes then you cease to worry.)


  1. Haha! I think I like Dear Son's logic. Sorry he'll be missing his sleep -- hopefully he has a good set or earphones. Thanks for the Mum update -- I'm very happy that she's feeling better!

  2. Good to hear that your Mum is feeling better. I think son is right, but I suppose the other option would be full demolition and rebuild and then where would he sleep?

  3. Of course. Tie the front of the building to the floor...sounds perfectly reasonable to me! Maybe a ribbon right around the whole building with a bow at the front may help too?

    Glad to hear your mother is feeling better.

  4. Glad to hear your mother is better. What a good daughter, mother and niece you are. And the garden looks fabulous. So many flowers. How can they grow so well in such a cold place?
    At least your children come home to see you regularly. Only one of mine manages to do that.

  5. So glad your mum is feeling better.