Monday, June 28, 2010

Being not fat

I was listening, while working around the house, to a radio programme discussing what one should put on one’s internet dating profile. (Not that I'm planning to have one.)

Well,” said one girl, “I start with the positive: I’m not fat.”

(Now, if she’s not fat, then that’s not really positive, is it? Nice, yes. Satisfactory, yes. But ... . Ok, I'm a pedant. )


  1. Positively negative, I'd say. Perhaps she next lists all the things she doesn't like.

  2. I love you. No-one else I know finds their teeth itching at stuff like that.

  3. Hmmm ... I think I'd feel rather vacant if that were the first thing that came to my mind for my profile? You're too funny Isabelle -- thanks for today's laugh!

  4. A thirty something work colleague met her "partner" through an online social networking site. "Partner", like "positive", has been misappropriated.
    I like the cat photo; a good contrast.

  5. I'm not fat either, but it wouldn't be the first thing I'd tell someone about myself, right after my name! My pet peeve is the recording that tells you that your call will be answered in the order it was received....arghh!

  6. Goodness!! How do you get this stuff ??
    Its amazing :D
    But, can't refrain from quoting..... if she says she is not fat, then it means:
    1. Either she is a "bit" fat
    2. She has taken a hit for being fat
    3. She is definitely on defensive :)

    But, you are the best....

  7. Never mind the profile remark, that gorgeous cat with its head protruding through the banisters really made me laugh. Curiosity etc ...

  8. Lovely shot of thoughtful cat pondering the mysteries there!

  9. LOL to the not fat bit. Beautiful photo of little black kitty face.