Saturday, June 05, 2010

Happy birthday to her

Today was our darling Daughter 2's birthday.

Here she is.

Her actor boyfriend came up from London for a couple of days. Please excuse the rather messy kitchen - I came home from work and had time to ice the cake and make the meal but not tidy up to photographic standards. Mind you, what would a kitchen be without a big pile of exam scripts in the background?

Mr Life, SIL and Daughter 1. Our son, alas, was not with us.

She blows out the candles.

Oh dear, more chaos. We did tidy up afterwards. Here's my mum.

Cake, anyone?
I am SO exhausted. Life has been more than usually frantic recently for reasons connected with my poor confused aunt and the Marking.
Scripts have to be finished on Wednesday. Then life will begin again, I hope. And blog-reading.


  1. remind me to never, ever show pictures of MY kitchen - unless, of course, you would like to see what a REAL mess is ... your family is lovely!

  2. So nice to see your family-well most of your family-smiling! :) My kitchen is a mess, too, but my laundry room is worse! :) I have grading to do all weekend, and then, we just have school for a couple more days (next week) and we're out for summer! :)

  3. Anonymous3:54 am

    I'm quite sure that you deserve cake. Hope you had a huge slice.

    Happy birthday to your daughter.

  4. Happy Birthday to Darling Daughter 2!!! We just got home from a birthday party for my sweet niece who turned 18 today, so they share a birthday. I'm waving madly to all your wonderful family. Don't worry about any of us -- we'll still be here LOL. I hope you manage to get a little rest this weekend!

  5. Happy birthday to Daughter 2!

    I hope you get some rest and respite soon, dear Isabelle.

  6. I didn't notice mess, and even when you mentioned it I purposely still didn't look for it, I just concentrated on the shiny happy faces of your family. Happy birthday to Daughter #2.

  7. Happy Birthday Daughter 2!!
    I like the kitchen shots- to me it shows life and love.

  8. Happy Birthday birthday Girl It looks like you all had A good time.And A house Is made to be lived inSo dont worry about mess It looks like you are A happy Family.Have A good Week.
    Hugs Mary.

  9. My kitchen looks like a bomb has hit it at the moment - and yours looks just perfect for a family celebration. Normal. Just like the rest of ours, in fact. Happy Birthday to your daughter! And good luck with the marking - Wednesday will be here soon and you can relax.

  10. What lovely photos, such a happy family, and who cares about mess? You cannot make a cake without breaking eggs, etc! And that cake looks lovely and those candles are great.
    You have been flat out doing so many things - here's to finishing the marking.
    Happy birthday to Daughter 2.

  11. So many birthdays around this time of year. What a lovely family celebration. I love the realistic photo with all the usual gumph in the background. It's how all our kitchens look just prior to throwing it on the ground to take our photos!

  12. Gosh, lots of birthdays this week. We had husband's 60th on Thursday and daughter's partner is tomorrow (his mum's was last week,too) Kitchens should look used!

  13. Your family looks really great. I miss my kids. *Sob.* But the youngest is home on Wednesday from uni for the summer. *Cheer.*

  14. All I saw was love....and cake!
    Chin up, the marking will be done soon and you can relax.

  15. mostly I just noticed the exam scripts lurking on the worktop behind the happy scene... hope the ordeal is soon over and many happy returns to daughter 2...

  16. Hey Isabella,

    Happy Bday to daughter 2 !
    Wish her many many more of them.... all happy ones :)
    Love your family's pictures..
    All of you look so connected..

    by the way, you and I share our bday :)


  17. A very happy belated birthday to your lovely daughter. Your pictures, mess and all, always serve to make me long for family get togethers.

  18. "Cake anyone?" Yes please! Especially since there was no-one on hand to bake one for my recent birthday! [boo-hoo...]Men are useless like that. Of course I'm positively elderly compared to your glowing daughter! I'd settle for another slice of my youth if the cake is all gone.....