Sunday, May 20, 2012

90 again

Yesterday we had the third and final celebration of my mum's 90th birthday - and her third cake. First one at Crieff, before the actual day, with my brother and family; second on the birthday with Daughter 1, Son-in-Law 1 and Grandson; and third yesterday with all the offspring, SIL 1 and future DIL as well as Mr Life's aunt, uncle and cousin. For some reason I decided not to do the buffet salad that I usually put together when entertaining largish numbers. I felt I should be a bit more ambitious. So as part of my menu I picked two recipes that I'd never done before - WHY? - and cooked for about 36 hours.

We're complicated to feed because SIL 1 eats fish but not meat, my mum also likes fish, Mr Life doesn't and prefers meat, the girls and I are vegetarian... . I was also aiming to do all the preparation in advance so that I could just calmly whip things out of the oven when it was time to eat. And this did indeed happen, but there was a vast amount of washing up beforehand in preparation for what I fondly saw as one-dish choices. So we had one pot chicken casserole (yes, you end up with one pot, having used every pot you possess as you go along), easy salmon with broccoli (the word "easy" is slightly misleading there) and chick pea fritters (yup, a serious fiddle, just as you would think, though I'd made them before so you'd think I might have known better.) And raspberry choux ring and chocolate mousse, which are standbys but don't exactly make themselves.  

Anyway, it was fine and seemed to go down well and there are a lot of leftovers (because you have to cook enough so that the omnivores can have whatever they like), which is good because if I never have to cook again in my life, that'll be splendid.

Daughter 2 introduced Grandson to some Weebles - wobbly men. He liked them a lot. (Do you see that black thing in his left hand, Ali Honey? That's one of your coasters!)
He played with his squeaky carrot, a firm favourite.

It was so nice to have Son and Daughter 2 together. He lives up north, she lives down south and their visits don't often coincide.

On the other hand, it's so horrible once they go away again.

Tomorrow I take my mum to the oncologist to discuss the bits of cancer which appear to remain in her innards. Hmm.


  1. Ah, I'm sure coasters are ideal for swatting wibbly wobbly men.
    ( or teething on ? )
    The eating in your family sounds like ours has turned out to be. We both eat almost anything. DIL to be and her Mum are vegetarians, but will eat fish and occasionally chicken. Son is at the moment on a GAPS eating plan trying to heal his bowel as he has ulcerative colitis and wants to be off medication.( after 10 years on it )
    So this coming weekend I too have to try and plan meals or at least have things in the pantry fridge or freezer that all comers can eat.
    I don't mind just so long as I know what everyone wants.

  2. The chickpea fritters were delicious, I thought.

  3. The chickpea fritters were delicious, I thought.

  4. (Now why has your blog taken to posting my comments twice? It did it last time, too, and I deleted one.)

  5. All that cooking.....I really feel for you.....!

  6. Bet all the cooking was well worth it though...sounds like you had a wonderful and food and what could be better?

  7. You WERE ambitious! But it sounds so lovely and I'm sure your mother and all your family appreciated your efforts!

  8. Everything sounds delicious, and I am sure everyone enjoyed it all!

    And, again, there is that beautiful baby boy smiling his way into everyone's hearts!

    BTW - your Mum is very lovely! Especially for 90!!

  9. Congratulations to your mom on reaching her 90th year. That is great! When everyone has a special diet, that is a real challenge. It looks like you met it well.

  10. Beautiful photos, and what an ambitious menu! It all sounds delicious (I'm an omnivore).

  11. I forgot to say congratulations and Happy Birthday to your Mama.