Saturday, May 05, 2012


I don't wish to complain. Or, dash it, I do. Today was the first day of the post-Mum's-flat life - the first time since I retired, more or less, that I was hoping to please myself a bit without thinking too much about other people.

More or less immediately after I did retire, Grandson was born (not that I'm complaining about THAT - but it was exciting and wonderful but not exactly a calm time). Then Daughter 2 got married. Then Mum got ill, had her operation and took a long time to get a bit better, during which time we moved her out of her flat, a long process that finished yesterday. So today was to have been: choir rehearsal with the orchestra, then home, then choir concert. Lovely music to soothe the troubled whatnot. It's not that I'm a born performer, but at the actual concert, people concentrate and do their best and watch the conductor and it's usually good.

But Mum is still not well. I think she's a bit better this evening but earlier in the day... I won't go into details but it involved a complete change of bedding and pyjamas. So I didn't feel I could go to either the rehearsal or the concert. Mr Life is a good chap but there are some things that one shouldn't be called upon to do for one's mother-in-law.

Ah well. I did cut the grass in the sunshine, congratulating myself that Mum's grass is no longer my problem. Then I lay on the lawn for ten minutes admiring the clouds.

Now I'm off to do my piano practice. There's another complaint, now I come to think about it. Why did nobody warn me that playing the piano is quite that hard? I can do the hands separately - no bother. I could win prizes for that. But whoever imagined that trying to make your two hands playing similar but not exactly the same things would be a handy way to create music? It's like meringues - which cave woman sat with a bowl and some egg whites and thought maybe if she beat them for three hours with a forked stick, they'd go all fluffy? I'd have got fed up after three minutes.

I have a mixer, but even with a forked stick I feel that making meringues is a lot easier than playing the piano.

Talking of fluffy things: Cassie cat wants to sit on my computer chair. Because I'm occupying it, she's walking to and fro in front of my face. Her fur is going up my nose.

And I haven't seen Grandson since Wednesday. Wail!

(And I've just noticed a misrelated participle in my previous post!! ARGH!! I've fixed it now.)


  1. These are wail-worthy things. I have given up piano practice- you must persevere. I'll whisk the egg-whites.

  2. Oh Isabelle, what a disappointment, no wonder you aren't smiling. But Wednesday isn't so long last sight was the beginning of February, wailing even louder, lol!

  3. Tomorrow is another day sweet Isabelle! Piano is insanely hard. I decided long ago that I'll never master it (for exactly the same reason you mentioned) but it's still fun to plink around. I sure hope your mum is feeling better soon -- she's had a big year.

  4. Oh dear, not a good week will be better!

  5. Hope our mother is a bit better now. At least she has genuinely been very ill, my MIL invents what she doesn't have to make sure the rest of us tow the line. If (and I think it very unlikely) I get to 93 I hope I shall be kinder to whoever is looking after me. As the only unmusical member of a musical household I can only applaud our piano playing efforts - I think when it comes to reading music I'm dyslexic, though I've got a reasonable ear.

  6. Hi Isabelle. That definitely is not fair so you are justified in feeling a bit miffed. That's the trouble with being kind and loving the people around you....hopefully things will start improving and you'll have a few more of the fair times! The worst bit though is not being able to grumble about it properly and feel that the world is even noticing your sacrifices so for what it's worth we all know you did the right thing as far as your mum and husband are concerned. Well done!lots of love Penny L in Dorsetxx