Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Baby love

When you're a parent, you can't really boast too much about your child's beauty/intelligence/virtue, can you? You know in yourself that your child is the most amazing infant ever produced, but you have to be a bit modest about this.

However, when you're a grandparent it's much more socially acceptable to pontificate about your grandchild's amazing qualities. Or at least, I'm hoping it is... . Grandson is such a sweetie. His skin is so peachy soft and his smile is so bright and his giggle is so giggly and he's so cute when he waves his hands and bounces up and down with excitement. I'd half forgotten the physical pleasure of being around small babies - it's almost like being in love and you adore the round little arms, firm bouncy cheeks and shiny eyes.

It does make me a bit sad to realise that when he grows up, he'll only ever think of me as an old lady. When he's 15, I'll be 76. When I was 15, my grandmothers were 70 and 80, and even the 70-year-old seemed ancient and a bit wobbly to me (though lovely).

Still, at the moment I imagine he sees me as big and strong and able to do things for him. And he's much too small to object to being picked up and cuddled. I shall continue to take advantage of this as long as possible.


  1. He is absolutely adorable... keep the pics coming and exclaim about him all you like. :)

  2. He is adorable! And you will still hug him when he's 15, even if you have to chase him down for it--he'll secretly love it.

    My late mother-in-law once said to her sister about my daughter "Isn't she the prettiest baby you've ever seen?" Her sister, who had granddaughters of her own, smiled non-committally. I laugh any time I remember that!

  3. What a darling little boy! I have four grandchildren myself and they grow up too fast, even though the oldest is only seven. And as for 19 month old Stephen - he's certainly the sweetest dearest in the world. We
    re not prejudiced, are we?

    Alas, I'm a few years older than you and appreciate your arguments. I'll be 82 when Stephen is 15........So I don't plan to miss a moment along the way!

  4. My daughter has always loved her grandmother and has never really notoced that she is old until now (she is 18, and my mother very frail at 76!) and she really loves old people.
    You grandson has no prejudices against old poepl, he will just always love you no matter what.

  5. oops typos galore. It's late

  6. Yup, cuddle him before he learns to roll his eyes. And you are just being accurate about Grandson - he looks like one of those implausibly perfect babies you see in adverts and assume don't exist in real life. Except he does. Good genes, you see!

  7. Well, he is gorgeous, we all agree! With our children having their families so much later a lot of grandparents will be in their 70's and 80's before their grandchildren reach adulthood, even if, like me they had their children in their 20's. My parents were in their 40's when I was born - a late addition, my next brother is 11 yrs older, and 3 of my grand parents had already died. My remaining grandmother lived well into her 80's but died well before I had a child. We'll have to all hope that we're going to reach a good age still hale and hearty! I'd better start walking the hills and using the Wiifit while I can...