Monday, August 27, 2012

Dear Mummy and Daddy

I thought you would like to see some of the things I did on the first day that Granny and Grandpa looked after me while Mummy was at work. For example, I smiled charmingly.
I examined Granny's glasses.
I emptied my toy basket.
I did a very intellectual jigsaw.
I talked on my phone.
I played in my play tunnel.
It was all quite tiring. For Granny and Grandpa, anyway.


  1. It's tiring for me too, when I watch my grandson.....And it's only a few hours a week while his Mom volunteers in the school library...I love that it's the same school library (enlarged) where I volunteered when my children were in school there.

  2. Granny and Grandpa deserve a large stiff gin tonight, I think!

  3. Any chance of a nap for anyone?

  4. But they do at least get to give me back at the end of the day...

    That play tunnel shot is wonderful, looks like a studio job.

  5. Now see, that is a really good wrap-up of a day's activities. If I make the mistake of asking how was their day to my boys, the answer is merely "good".

  6. Lizzie T8:14 am

    Have fun, but mind your back (literally)! I speak as one who knows.

  7. Your daughter and family are very fortunate to have you able and willing to look after grandson.
    I have just spent several days looking after one third of my grandchildren and it made me rather tired.Trying to get to school before the bell was more challenging than it ought to have been.

  8. I hope you and Mr. Life are eating your Wheaties! Cute but exhausting!

  9. I remember leaving Mattman in to childminder Maureen for his first day. I walked round feeling like an amputee all day in scool, pondering the irony of paying someone to look after my child while I looked after other poeople's. You are all getting the best of work/family balance, methinks! This will be a very special post for everyone to have!