Monday, August 13, 2012


Last night, lying in bed, I suddenly thought: SLUGS. Do slugs eat gerberas? I wondered. Are they eating my new gerberas (price £7.50 for the six) at this moment? I asked myself.

Well, I'll give you three guesses.

So today I bought some net and Mr Life cut rounds out of it with the hope that the scratchy nature of it might discourage the slugs. As we went out for a walk at 10 this evening, we had a look to see if this was working. Was it?


On the subject of eating: when our minister talks to the children, he always sits on the steps leading up to the platform at the front of our church and invites them to come up and sit beside them. Yesterday, Daughter 1 took Grandson up and perched there with him on her knee. The minister was talking about Olympic glory and relating this to other types of glory, and, presumably about to make a relevant point, picked up the plate of communion bread which was still on the table from the earlier (communion) service.

Grandson, who'd been gazing idly around, brightened up at the sight of the plate. "Num num num!" he suggested hopefully. Everyone laughed. The minister gave him a bit of bread, which he munched with enthusiasm. Everyone watched. The minister sighed. "I think I've lost my audience," he said. And he had.


  1. What a lovely story! I have heard (but not having tried it can't vouch for it my own self) that snails and slugs won't crawl over sawdust, perhaps you could put some around your pretty gerberas?? Might be worth a try.

  2. For slugs - not grandson - try, round the plants, crushed egg shell, sharp gravel or a partly submerged jam jar with beer in it, so that they fall in and drown cheerfully.

  3. I planted fifty French beans. The slugs dined delightedly on fifty French beans despite my deterrents. Num Num NUM.

  4. Acting, animals and children. Obviously applies to preaching as well!

  5. Hahaha -- small grandson stole the show! He's so cute, can you blame him? Sorry about the slugs -- too bad they're not scared off by ferocious looking black cats LOL!

  6. This is a darling story!

    And yes, slugs eat geberas! I suspect they eat expensive ones even faster. I always wanted to try that beer method, but my husband didn't feel he should buy beer for slugs.

  7. Love your minister - sounds like he has a good sense of humour.

  8. Lovely story.
    You are just going to have to toughen up about those guinea pigs by chance like slugs?
    Or a few dead squashed ones left lying around might deter the others to keep away.
    ( Couldn't you hear the slugs in the garden saying Num Num Num when you planted the gerbras? )