Thursday, August 30, 2012

Young and energetic

I'm always amazed how good the photos are that I take on my phone - see above and below. This is nothing to do with my brilliance as a photographer, particularly as with these shots the sun was so bright that I was just clicking vaguely in the right direction, unable to see the screen. I'd love to tell you that these photos were of me; but no. They're of one of our very special visitors, last week, on the Fife coastal path.
Do I remember being that young? Well, yes. But I don't remember being able to turn cartwheels because I never could. Gymnastics and I never understood each other.
Talking of being young and energetic, we're enjoying having Grandson three days a week and he's being angelic but the house isn't as tidy as it used to be. I wonder why. I arrived home from my piano lesson yesterday to be greeted by Mr Life and the Tornado. "Ah good," said Mr Life. "Here's Granny. I think he has a dirty nappy" - and he handed the boy to me. So kind.
He was right about the nappy.


  1. Thimbleanna sure is lively for what I've been led to believe is one of our peers! Or, wait, it's got to be, it has to be Sweetiepie. I can just feel that cool coastal breeze, mmmmm.
    You are correct Isabelle, we did not get blown away----this time. Hurricane season lasts until Nov. 1st. Fingers crossed. Poor folks in New Orleans though. One person's luck is another's misfortune.

  2. Ah yes....Granny, the Nappy Monitor!

    Those are great action photos of your athletic young visitors.

  3. What did he mean - he THINKS he has a dirty nappy! Ha!

  4. Those are amongst my favourite swings in the world! One of the best views!

  5. What lovely action photos.
    Not so much admiration for Mr. Life's action (or lack of it).

  6. Your phone does take great pictures! That was such a fun day for us - definitely one of the highlights of our trip. And, I'd just like to add that I'm shocked that Molly doesn't think that's me doing the cartwheel LOL!