Friday, January 25, 2013

Haggis and tomato

Why do I keep reading the title of the previous post as "The Giggling Tomato"?

We haven't seen him today, which has made things less fun, but on the other hand we did get the shopping and the cleaning done. Then we had a friend to a meal in the evening, which was pleasant. She used to be our very young friend but this year she'll be 50. Mind you, I'd now be very happy to be 50 myself. I was born in 1950 so all my life was conscious of the fact that in the year 2000 (which was impossibly far in the future) I would be 50 (which obviously I was never going to be, since it was so incredibly ancient).


I don't suppose any of you bloggy friends would like to come and stay in our house on the nights of 12,13 and 14 April to have a holiday in Edinburgh and adminster cat biscuits to our furry friends, would you? This, above, could be your bedroom. Or any other time, really. Now that we're free from (some) commitments it would be nice to get away from time to time. Just asking. I fear we may otherwise have to call in professional catsitters, which I feel reluctant to do (not really sure why).

Happy Burns Night, everyone. Fair fa' your honest sonsie faces.


  1. Oh gosh, I would love to!
    Enjoy your time on your own, Isabelle, the tomato will be back soon!

  2. Anonymous6:46 pm

    It looks very lovely and inviting...would love to tour that part of the world!

  3. we would love to - it depends on another plan that may or may not come to fruition. I'll email you :-)

  4. I'd love to but CAN'T. ( we only saw such a small part while there )
    A son's wedding in 5 weeks and other commitments stops me I'm afraid.
    PS. I love haggis. My sister used to make it for the local Scottish Society and I have always thought it yummy.

  5. I'm amazed at so few responses to your query, considering the "Or any other time" line. My husband and I also are recently freed up of commitments so I will try to keep this offer bookmarked somewhere, for that some other possible time. Good luck on this upcoming springtime effort!
    (I was born in 1950 too, and it's too easy to keep track of my age...)

  6. Oh I would love to - perhaps if I'm ever free of my albatross as you once called her!

  7. i was born in 1952 and the math always kicks my butt - i was okay when it was still the 20th century and there was none of that "carry the one" stuff...

    my giggling tornadoes come back tomorrow...

  8. Why oh why do you have to live so far away??? {She wails.} The guest room is looking gorgeouse since the re-do. I sure wish I could come and bail you out!

  9. Would love to take you up on your offer :)
    I was even planning on being in Scotland in mid-April, but then the transmission on my car went kaput, so that is where my money is going instead.