Tuesday, January 15, 2013


On a chilly winter's day...
... it's nice to go with Granny and Grandpa to the museum.
I like to look through the railings and see cars, cups and boats in the displays. (These are all things I can say.) I'm particularly interested in cars.
This notice says "Area closed" but since I can't read and am much smaller than the tape across the corridor I didn't feel it applied to me. I took it philosophically when Granny said it did, though.  I'm such a good boy.


  1. Ohmygosh, he's getting so big. I guess he has to though -- he'll soon be a big brother. He's too little to be a big brother -- what a cutie!

  2. The tables are now officially turned! I'm jealous of you and how much you see of that sweet little fellow!

  3. What a cute little chap - even from behind. Red makes him easy to spot, too.

  4. All small children should have at least one red jumper.

  5. Anonymous5:43 pm

    So cute! I will wear a red shirt today and think of this little fellow clear across the world from me and smile. Thank you.

  6. What a wonderful, interesting space for a little boy on a chilly day (and for his grandparents).