Sunday, April 07, 2013

Noise and nonsense

We had a rather child-centred day. Son and Daughter-in-Law were here for the weekend and met up with Granddaughter again.

Daughter 1 and Son-in-Law 1 looked at thirty-plus-year-old books with Grandson.

"Aw," I said. "She's gazing into your eyes."

"No, actually," said Son, "she's looking at my hairy chest and saying What is that?"

Grandson demonstrated that he likes sitting on Granny's benches as well as those in the Botanics.

A certain amount of what my father would have called "noise and nonsense" then took place.

This is what GPs get up to at weekends.

Grandson decided to remove, one by one, the stones in my little pebble fountain. I'm not sure that his uncle and aunt were really discouraging him. "Will I switch on the water?" asked Mr Life. No.

We missed Daughter 2.

We've tidied up now.


  1. My Ma has a bowl of stones in her sitting room, that each grandchild has taken out and put back, and I regret that some years ago I gave away lots of beautiful old childrens books (to someone who turned out to be very undeserving of them) and didn't think to keep them for possible grandchildren. Mr and Mrs Life you should pat yourselves on the back....your home still has your family coming back to it for love and did good.

  2. I've kept some our children's old books, but not nearly enough! Would be interested in seeing some of the titles. Indeed, a very happy family weekend.

  3. Isn't photography the most marvelous invention? Because you know those two sweet grandchildren will grow so fast as to make your eyes water!

    I just bought the sweetest book for little UK grandson. It's called "Diary of a Wombat." I think your little grandson would enjoy it, along with the old tried and trues!