Thursday, April 18, 2013


Today Grandson and I went to the library. When I was a child, libraries were places with tall bookcases and stern librarians who told you to shush. Not now. It does have books but after looking at quite a few, Grandson got into the ball pool. (Ball pool???)

"What colour is that ball?" I enquired.

"Red," he told me. True.

This seemed to give him an idea and he immediately started handing me all the red balls. He didn't even stop to look at me and check I'd got them but just busily reached-handed-reached-handed-etc.

This is me trying to balance a lot of them on my knee while taking a photo of them. It wasn't easy. 

Eventually I had to admit defeat and put them back in the pool. He seemed to feel that his work was done and trotted off to a box of trains.

We had the place to ourselves, which seemed surprising.

My childhood library didn't have a Wendy house either.

He is such a sunny little soul.

The other night when Daughter 1 put him into his cot, he said, "Tuck tuck cosy bed bed." Awwww!


  1. The "fetch all the red balls" thing is not new - he always does it! But by the looks of this picture, the library has recently had a delivery of new balls for the pool. The first lot of balls they had were rather flimsy and after a while, they had so few that Grandson was able to find ALL the red balls and bring them to us. Which he did. It looks like there are now enough balls to defeat him in this endeavour.

  2. This is the most enchanting age, and your grandson is a dear!

  3. My library doesn't have a ball room.
    or maybe I haven't looked hard enough.

  4. The childrens' section of Rotherham's new library (om the ground floor of my office, conveniently) looks similarly invitingand fun and I've often spotted a small person tucked under some brightly coloured table or tunnel utterly engrossed in a book so it might be working too! Lucky kids eh?

    On an aside, have you heard of Dolly Parton's Imagination Library which we're rolling out in Rotherham? Free books posted to every child in the Borough monthly from age 0-5. It will be interesting to see if it has any effect on literacy rates after a suitable period.

    Grandson truly is a gorgeous, sunny chap. It shines through the photos. Must be all the love and attention from his family.

    Lesley xx

  5. This time you share together is just wonderful.

  6. I love your " grandson" posts. He is gorgeous! He is between my 2 grand children in age, so extra interesting to see how he is developing.

  7. Awwww indeed! I think Lesley is right about all the love and attention from his family keeping him happy.
    Our libraries (the ones in my region) all have separate sections for kids to play in. I think it is a great idea; parents need not feel obliged to 'shoosh' them as in the old days!

  8. He's SO cute Isabelle. And obviously VERY smart too!

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