Friday, April 26, 2013


The ceiling didn't fall down when they took away the props. (There's a beam to hold it up.)
 Lined with wood.

Architraves (I'd have called them wooden bits but Daughter 2 says they're architraves) to finish it off. Well, not finish. That's Mr Life's job. Can you see him, starting to work on the decorating? Go for it, dear.

Granddaughter's making progress too.

She smiles now. She does also have a penetrating yell from time to time.  "Aaah," observes Grandson on such occasions, glancing over at her with a tolerant smile. Babies, eh? Not like big boys. She shows so little interest in buses, tractors, cars, trains or traffic lights. Still, she'll learn.


  1. CUTE! Give her a hug from me. Are we still going to call it the 'back hall' or is it just all now the hall? D2

  2. Knocking a wall or two down certainly does open a space up doesn't it? looks light and airy. She is as cute as lucky to have a big brother too.

  3. I am growing very fond of Mr Life! And you of course.
    And the grandchildren - it goes without saying.

  4. She looks so cute. She'll be into the cars etc before he knows it - taking them away from him, probably, and annoying the hell out of him ...

  5. Oh Wow Isabelle! What a difference! Do you love it? I think it looks wonderful -- so open and it shows off the pretty door into your family room. And boyohboy is baby sister growing -- what a cutie!

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