Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Whiling away half an hour

Daughter 1 was getting her eyes tested. The grandchildren and I went for a little walk in Princes Street Gardens while she did so. "There's man on big horse, Granny."

It began to rain slightly but we were not daunted. We had hoods.

He posed for a photo with Edinburgh Castle.

He paid no attention to the Castle. After all, he had a tractor to run along the railing, which was at a convenient tractorish height.

It was an interesting challenge to walk along this line of cobblestones.

"Look, Granny. A cone!" (Yes, it's there if you look hard enough. He's a great fan of street furniture, including traffic cones. He also likes keep left signs.)

He stood for a while, admiring the cone. (Well, he's seen the Castle often enough. But you don't often see cones in parks.) As he did so, he slotted his feet into the little bit between the path and the grass and leaned on the fence. This is how he got a wet stripe across his tummy and rather muddy shoes. (Oops.)

Then we went back to collect Mummy.


  1. Anonymous12:40 am

    Goodness me, that cone was quite a way in the distance. Well done N.

    I love his nonchalance at the castle. I haven't been to your side of Scotland but I an a great fan of the left hand side as it is the only side I have visited so far. I am also a great fan of hoods for keeping off the rain.

  2. he is such a funny little guy!!!

    my little LuLu calls a cone "a witch's hat" and won't go anywhere near one because she thinks there's a witch underneath (which just goes to show that i am not above telling Little White Lies to keep my little darling out of the Danger Zone)...

  3. What a lucky little guy -- to have a Granny to take him out and explore as often as you do. What wonderful memories he's going to have! I've decided I want to come and live with you. But, even if I did, I don't think I'd ever get used to seeing that beautiful castle everyday!

  4. Imagine living somewhere with a castle in the background. Magic. We don't have castles here, so thanks for sharing yours..

  5. Ah! The Castle, finally in a photo on your blog! I thought I'd never see it, but I'm happy now ;-)
    You may have had the Castle in the distance on previous photos, but these are great!
    No castles where I am, but I've just posted photos of a winery and a chocolate factory on my blog. Stiff competition!