Sunday, April 20, 2014

Beach babies

The other grandparents are here this weekend and they all went to the beach. Daughter 2 and I joined them for a short time yesterday.

What timeless pleasures: sand and sea.

Granddaughter wouldn't wear her hat. (Her mother was just the same.) Nowadays, according to Daughter 1, you can't buy children's hats which tie under the chin in case they strangle themselves. We feel that sunburn is a more likely hazard, so ties are going to be attached.

As we all do at some stage, Granddaughter discovered that sand is not good to eat. Life is full of learning experiences.


  1. Oh, bless her heart! Yuck!

  2. Oh, how wonderful to have a beautiful day out on the beach! Those babies just get cuter by the minute.

    Btw, I love your new little profile on your sidebar. Those last two sentences made me laugh -- you always get right to the heart of the matter!

  3. You can't buy children's sunhats with ties because they might strangle themselves?? What nonsense. What is it with law makers these days - what planet are they from where everything is so dangerous?? Haven't they heard of elastic?

  4. I think I have spent many, many hours picking up my child's hat and re-clamping it on their head whilst exclaiming brightly "hat on!" It paid off eventually, they were both very good hat wearers. Your lovely grandchildren are as adorable as ever frolicking in the sand.