Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Looking fabulous

We took Daughter 1 and the children to Ikea today. I always like to have a potter round if it's not too busy. We ourselves didn't need anything but Granddaughter enjoyed being in the trolley.

We did get rather stuck at one point while Grandson played with cars and a garage and a road mat.

However, we lured him away with the promise of a scone. He enjoyed this and also had (very brief!) fun bouncing about on the sofa.

(For those worried about the lady behind Grandson: a) there was quite a big gap between our sofa and hers and b) he was in this position for about five seconds before his mother told him to sit still. The actual bouncing was very minor. We are aware of other people. I just thought it was a nice photo. Blogs may not always convey an accurate impression of the facts.)

Granddaughter chewed the box of plates that her mum had bought. I'm sure it was clean. Ish.

Despite not needing anything, I bought a step for small people who want to reach the bathroom sink; a musical rabbit in a hat that Grandson fell in love with; and two packets of chocolate marzipan cakes. As you do.

On the way home we found ourselves behind this cyclist, whose jersey read "Hare and Hounds Running Club - making you look fabulous." Mr Life thought that this suggested that the members of the club look so bad that we would look fabulous in comparison; but I feel his interpretation was faulty.

The weather was a bit damp but the daffodils in the Meadows certainly looked lovely.


  1. I always find it slightly scary and 1984 ish that I could be in the Chicago, Edinburgh or Warrington Ikea and find the same layout.....just the accents a wee bit different! Thanks for the flower cheer up!

  2. I think Dad may actually be right about the meaning of the running club T-shirt. I saw a previous T-shirt (from the same club if I remember rightly) that said "The drinking club with the running problem."

  3. Pretty daffs - one of my favourite colours! Oh dear, I can see Grandson's foot and the head of the person behind colliding.....

  4. No, there was actually a big gap between our sofa and theirs. And the bounce was very brief. He was made to sit like a good boy an instant later.

  5. There should be some sort of Ikea quiz show ... "An Ikea with scones can be found in which country?" We need scones here. Well, we need an Ikea too, but that's beside the point. It looks like you had a fun day!

  6. That`s the trouble with IKEA - you always come home with things you didn`t know you needed!

  7. Can't resist those chocolate and marzipan cakes. Sure I must need something from Ikea now you've made me think of them!

  8. I realise I must be quite a principled person after all....I vowed never to set foot in an IKEA again nearly 10 years ago following a seriously duff trip and so far, so good. This looks promising for my boycott of Amazon in (mute) protest at its tax avoidance and shoddy employment practices.

    Your grandchildren are still gorgeous!!
    Lesley xx

  9. I think Mr Life's interpretation of the jersey is genius, and will think of it and chuckle throughout the day.

  10. Anonymous11:43 pm

    Your images today have made me feel very refreshed, thank you so much. What a smiley little girl she is.

    I have been told that at Ikea, one has to follow a prescribed route and that there is no deviation possible. Is that true?