Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Well, since yesterday was warm and sunny, I couldn't resist taking some more pictures of different cherry trees, this time against a blue sky.

And then some tulips and forget-me-nots in our garden. What a colour!

I was interested in the comments about life being fabulous. (Actually, that's not a word that's part of my normal vocabulary anyway.)  But it struck me that - though I don't think I'm in the least superstitious from the black-cat-walk-under-ladders point of view - I maybe have a slight feeling that the minute I claim that everything's great, something bad will happen. Silly, because I don't actually think it works like that, but... .

Cherry blossom is wonderful; I'll say that with confidence. Flowers, gardens, great music. Talking of which, I'm just off for the second-last rehearsal of Mozart's Requiem before our concert on Saturday. We're really quite good at it now; and that's as enthusiastic as I'm going to get - just in case something goes wrong with our performance on the night.

Mustn't tempt fate even if I don't believe in it.


  1. Well, if we are talking about tempting fate - look what happens to the weather in Edinburgh as soon as you post photos of blue skies!!!

  2. Indeed! Proves my point... . Sorry!

  3. Have seen beautiful blossoming trees here in NY this past week. Also snow one day when we were hours north of the city! Killing time at the airport now waiting to return home to warmth!

  4. Good Luck with the concert. Or, should I say "Break a Leg". Lynda's comment (and your reply) made me laugh!