Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Well, since yesterday was warm and sunny, I couldn't resist taking some more pictures of different cherry trees, this time against a blue sky.

And then some tulips and forget-me-nots in our garden. What a colour!

I was interested in the comments about life being fabulous. (Actually, that's not a word that's part of my normal vocabulary anyway.)  But it struck me that - though I don't think I'm in the least superstitious from the black-cat-walk-under-ladders point of view - I maybe have a slight feeling that the minute I claim that everything's great, something bad will happen. Silly, because I don't actually think it works like that, but... .

Cherry blossom is wonderful; I'll say that with confidence. Flowers, gardens, great music. Talking of which, I'm just off for the second-last rehearsal of Mozart's Requiem before our concert on Saturday. We're really quite good at it now; and that's as enthusiastic as I'm going to get - just in case something goes wrong with our performance on the night.

Mustn't tempt fate even if I don't believe in it.