Sunday, April 05, 2015

Busting out all over

Daughter 2 has been here for a long weekend (but is now gone, alas) and Son and Daughter-in-Law came down today for lunch and the afternoon. The weather was very summery and we decided to walk in the Botanics, as we so often do. First we crossed Inverleith Park, from where there's a good view over the city skyline - Arthur's Seat to the left, the Castle to the right and lots of interesting spires and domes that you can't see because they're behind my family.

The sun was so bright that Mr L, who took the photo, couldn't see what he was taking, which is why he's chopped off the top of his son's head. But the daffodils were the main point of the picture anyway.

Daughter 2 took these daffodils...

 ... and the cherry blossom.

And Mr L took the rhododendron. 

Daughter 2 is going to be visited later in the week by Daughter 1, her husband and the children. Grandson's has said twice to Daughter 2 recently, "Auntie [Daughter 2], why do you only have some toys and some books?" She felt that criticism was implied and that she'd better up her game, so we got out some of Son's old toy cars for her to take with her to entertain her nephew. Look at the nostalgic expression on Dr Son's face as he arranges them into categories on his old bedspread.


  1. You seem to be further ahead with your Spring than we are with our Autumn, judging by the blooms.
    We have a similar collection of small cars and other boy toys and lots of books, so I think we would pass Grand son's inspection.
    Dear wee Grand daughter is growing into a sweet wee girl . I am glad she loves books, that will be a lifetime of pleasure for her.
    Easter Greetings to you All from NZ.

  2. Hearing your tales of walking in wonderful places always makes me feel very sedentary (sp?)...I must get out more......your family is beautiful and my son has a collection of lego and brio and marbles and cars etc., that he is holding on to for when he has children...I hope he gets to share them then for who knows what the future holds for any of us.....

  3. Awwww, what a great picture of son playing with all of his old cars. And so funny that grandson has noticed the lack of toys at Auntie's home -- that definitely made me chuckle. It looks like you had a wonderful Easter. We don't have daffodils here yet, but they're at least peeking up out of the ground -- shouldn't be too much longer!

  4. Anonymous4:08 pm

    So the liking for cars is inherited?

    Gorgeous pictures of everything.