Sunday, April 19, 2015


Well, that was another week. Grandson's current passion is arranging strips of white paper all round the room to make road markings. He labours on this, crawling around to make the patterns that he sees on the roads he travels on. Then he puts road signs in appropriate places and lastly makes selected vehicles drive around, observing the white lines, traffic lights and road signs.

He would prefer his little sister to keep off the rug on which he does this - ie the entire room - but on the whole she picks her way fairly carefully through his townscape.

He's taught her many traffic-related phrases. Today in the car we came to some traffic lights and she said, "Traffic lights up high!"

He tutted. "These aren't high ones, just normal ones." Little sisters, eh? They don't understand the finer points of signals.

They both have colds again. Poor old Grandson is as usual coughing and wheezing. This is a picture of Daughter 2, who visited this weekend, getting infected by her niece (I imagine).

Still, they're pretty cheerful and very cuddly - if snotty.