Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The difference between being 2 and being 3-and-three-quarters

When you're two, you just trot around the garden, naming things - "Snake!" (WHAT? - oh it's ok, she means "snail") -

and trying out chairs.
When you're 3 and three quarters, if your Granny buys chalk (at your request) this means...

... that you can use it to create road markings - sometimes with your right hand, sometimes with your left...

... in two colours, white and yellow (got to be realistic - "Some road markings are in yellow, Granny") ...

... and quite a bit of detail.

Life is serious when you're three-and-three-quarters.


  1. Anonymous12:41 am

    An ambidexter, just as I am.

    That little girl is an example to us all - just enjoy being alive!

  2. It's all so fascinating. How do you cope when you're poorly Pam? Just soldier on? Perhaps Mr Life's second pair of hands makes all the difference. I am eagerly awaiting Mr UorB's imminent retirement.

  3. It looks like Mr Life will have a very willing companion on any future trainspotting expeditions, judging by that attention to detail and love of wheels and tracks/roads! You and grand-daughter can leave them to it and point out nice things in the gardens. Glad there wasn't a snake in your backyard!

  4. SNAKE!!! I was thinking you wrote that rather calmly. Very relieved that it was just a snail. The grandchildren are so darn cute! Perhaps Granddaughter could corral all the snakes and put them along the road -- where grandson could direct traffic!

  5. Endlessly fascinating to watch young children play. And each one is different...

  6. Sitting his driving test in 12 years time is going to so easy!
    I hope the colds clear up quickly.