Monday, March 07, 2016

Little life

I sometimes think about how, since retirement, my life has narrowed. This isn't necessarily a bad thing. As a college teacher, I was constantly interacting with many, many students and this was never-endingly interesting but also never-endingly exhausting. Now, I meet up with friends and of course spend lots of time with the grandchildren, but life is nothing like as varied as it was. Or, I suppose as stimulating, but then, stimulating = exhausting, so again, the change is good in a way.

Anyway, Grandson and I made pancakes, or as some people might call them, Scotch pancakes (but we wouldn't because... you know... they're what we regard as pancakes).

He was pleased.

We saw all the offspring at the weekend and it was Mother's Day, so that was lovely. Cruelly, I persuaded Daughter 2 and Son to go up on the kitchen roof to clean the outside of the skylights. Granddaughter found this very interesting. (She's wearing her brother's hat and Daughter 2's scarf. She loves accessories and is very loth to go hatless at any time, which is a pity since hats squash her curls.)

This is what she was looking at.

And here are my favourite people (well, most of them) on Saturday.

And, below, the grandchildren at the museum. Granddaughter chose her own outfit, hence the lack of colour coordination.

Though teaching was exhausting, looking after two little lively people isn't exactly restful either. But oh, how I love them.

(Oh, Blogger is being so annoying, making my photos huge (which is all right, but I don't know why it's happening), putting the first one through the About bit, and then not letting me write under the final photo. Anyway, I've just realised that my blog is 10 years 4 days old. What a lot of blethers have come out of the ends of my fingers in the last 10 years and, oh, how my life has changed since then. Not, generally, for the better, but the little people have compensated for a lot of sadness.)


  1. Your grands are so cute! We also have a granddaughter with her own sense of style. We never know what she will put together next for an outfit. She's 7 and her school outfits can sometimes be amazing to say the least!

  2. You're right about our lives contracting when we retire, but I think they retract to that what is essential and what brings us pleasure.

  3. I love visiting your blog - it is good for my soul! If we could each rejoice in the little events of life the world would be a far better place, I'm sure. Can you imaging what someone like Donald Trump would be like if he could find a still place in his life for such things.

  4. I am going to butcher the saying, but isn't there one about realizing that the small things are really the big things? Those wonderful moments of life that aren't splashy, but make up the daily joys that keep us going. You are talented at writing about those, and helping us to share in them. I too have dealt with some terrible sadness in the past 10 years or so since I started my blog, but have also had some wonderful times. That is the roller coaster of life. xoxo

  5. The boys used to love making those when they were little, and eating the whole batch... but we call them pikelets. Is that another weird antipodean thing?

  6. Anonymous3:14 pm

    The pancakes look good and N looked rather reflective when he was at the stove with them. L has a joyous look on her face.

    Congratulations for reaching the ten year anniversary, very well done.

  7. We know them as both Scotch pancakes and dropscones. Delicious with butter whatever you call them!

    I do hope your little granddaughter retains a love of hats as she grows up...

  8. Ohmygosh -- the babies are so cute! Those little red cheeks of L's kill me! And N looks so proud of his pancakes -- they look like our pancakes -- how are Scotch pancakes different from what you call regular pancakes?

    Love Love Love that pic of your 5 descendants on the staircase. Soon there will be a little number 6. Do we know if it's a boy or girl yet?

    1. Well, big crepe things are often called pancakes too. No, we don't know details about baby D yet. Next week, hopefully!

  9. I realise he looks tall because he was standing on something but can't you see the adult in him. Congratulations on sharing all the changing times for 10 years. Big pictures of little people are nice!

  10. And in Ohio we would also call them "pancakes". What a lot of happiness you have with your family.....


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