Tuesday, April 23, 2019


Daughter 2 and Littlest Granddaughter have just been up for a long weekend. Littlest is very lovely but nothing is safe with her around. Our house is not minimalist and there are various bits of glass and so on within her reach, all of which had to be put on high shelves.

On Saturday, we met up with her Edinburgh cousins at the Botanics. It was a beautiful day, with summer temperatures.

 Back home, she stole my sunhat, which Son-in-Law 1 had been wearing in the garden. It suited her.

On Sunday, as we drove along, Oldest Granddaughter looked at the blossom on the trees and said, "Oh look, the flowers are growing back. So romantic." I love the things they say when they're experimenting with language.

We had an Easter egg hunt.

Daughter 2 showed us the Easter bonnet/headdress that Littlest's nursery had asked the parents to make "with" the children for an Easter parade. You can imagine how much input Littlest had into this creation. 

She didn't really approve.

I took her out for a walk. She and the blossom are so lovely and springlike.

I keep thinking: when she's twenty, I'll be 87. Might I make that? Might I find out what she's like at least as a young adult? I do hope so. But As-Yet-Unborn Grandson, due in a month, won't be twenty till I'm nearly 89. Hmm, I don't give much for my chances of being able to see him off to university. Ah well, you can't live for ever, as my mother used to say, philosophically. I wish she could see these little people, and the Unbloggable Small Person, sister to As-Yet-Unborn.

Then they went away. I took some stuff to a charity shop today (in the endless quest for decluttering) and walked back into town by a steep lane. This is a cafe. I wonder if the IR is JR and means Jacobus Rex? James VI of Scotland, who'd recently also become James I of England and Ireland, was king in 1605. Or was it the name of the builder? I don't know what the thing with the arrow and the other symbol mean. CI? GI?

The blossom was lovely here too.

And then I came home to the tidy, but babyless, house.


  1. That's a lovely blossomy street scene. My how your wee people are growing up.
    Here this Easter weekend we were having the same problem of not enough high shelves for plants and glass and china. Our smaller Grandson, 8 months is crawling and standing up against furniture. He tries to climb up onto low tables, wine racks, shelves clothes racks...anything is fair game to him. Unfortunately he likes to chew paper ( books or magazines ) or anything that's not food.( introducing solid food is so far being a problem....messy....oh my goodness so messy!)
    Eldest Grandson 3 1/2 is a delight. He like yours is into making roads and racetracks etc.
    After 5 days I am completely exhausted...so I'm relieved they have gone home. I find the noise and untidiness quite stressful. I do however know they will soon be grown up so I should make the most of it now.

  2. It looks like you had a lovely Easter with three babies in the house. Like you, I often feel sadness that we won't see these adorable little people well into their adulthood. I should have had my children when I was 18, and they in turn. I want to know how many children these grandchildren will have. And will they marry happily? Or not at all? And what will they be? {Sigh}.

  3. Oh, I love your springtime photos! Such beautiful blooms and very romantic. :) Your grandchildren are wonderful and you enjoy so many memorable times with them. I don't have a grandchild and may never, but if I do, I hope to survive long enough for him/her to remember me and treasure memories of me. (not looking promising at the moment)

  4. Your 'Fear God onlye' lintel originally came from a house in Bank Street, at the top of the Mound. Everyone seems to agree that IR is indeed Jacobus Rex. The symbol at the far left is said to be a mason's mark, but I have found no explanation of GI.

    1. Really??? How interesting. And surprising.