Thursday, April 04, 2019

Flowers and stars

Last weekend we went to the Caledonian Spring Flower Show, which was LOVELY, the colours and scents gladdening the heart.

It was a beautiful day, so we had a little walk in the park.

and then took Biggest Granddaughter to the playpark. After this we walked back to the car, at which point I discovered that I no longer had the car key. I retraced our steps without success and by this time, the show was closed. Fortunately, home is within walking distance, Mr L came to the rescue with the spare key and I got the key back that very evening because I emailed our Minor Celebrity friend, who's an important person in those flowery circles and he knew who'd taken a lost key home.

Ah, the usefulness of knowing the right people.

It was Mother's Day, which brought chocolates and flowers. Thank you, offspring!

And it's definitely spring in the garden, if not exactly in the temperatures.

I've been spending ridiculous amounts of time making patchwork stars. This is my 19th out of 20. You'd think I'd have understood the principle by now.

You join two strips together. You struggle to get the corners to fit exactly. And then you look at it. Er... maybe not.

That's better. (Don't look too closely, proper quilty people.)

Jenny of the Missouri Star Quilt Company showed me (on video) how to make stars like this, only she made them deliberately wonky, with points all different sizes. Nineteen stars down, I can see why. Still, it'll look good enough in a galaxy, once they're all joined together.

It's such a compulsive hobby. Now it's stopped raining, the sun has come out and I'm going for a walk.


  1. I am impressed with your quilting no matter what since I can't come close to doing anything like that! LOVE the flowers, especially those hyacinths. They smell wonderful, and purple is one of my favorite flower colors!! Glad you got your key back. :)

  2. Beautiful flowers and a great quilt in progress! Don't look for perfection but cherish the homemade qualities of your stars!

  3. Your stars look beautiful! Oh how I wish I were in your beautiful spring garden. Our plants are just beginning to poke up out of the ground. I can't quite place that first picture though -- I don't remember such a thin strip of grass anywhere ...