Friday, April 19, 2019

London again

I've been down for a long weekend to visit Daughter 2, her husband and Littlest Granddaughter, who turned 18 months during my visit. That was quick! She's still very adorable, though has developed some strong opinions. As we all do.

After a couple of days, Daughter 1 and her family arrived. Daughter 2 and SIL 2 only have a two-bedroom flat, so it was kind of them to accommodate four extra bodies. At that point, I moved to a Travelodge. Two bedrooms, seven people - seemed like enough without an eighth.

Grandson took his father to the Transport Museum (no surprise there) while we girls visited a children's event near King's Cross.

It's surprising how much fun it seems to be, standing under a parachute while it collapses on you.

This is Oldest Granddaughter. Obviously.

Despite appearances, the weather was cold, but Granddaughter didn't appear to feel it. Fortunately her mother had some much-needed dry clothes for her.

This is the view from my Travelodge 7th floor bedroom. I'd never stayed in a hotel by myself before. It was very peaceful.

The next day we went on the Docklands Light Railway to Greenwich. Here you can see Littlest "driving" the (driverless) train. The day after that, climate-change protesters disrupted this part of the network (among other places) by glueing themselves to the tops of some of the carriages, causing huge delays. I'm so glad we missed this.

We'd brought a packed lunch to the Maritime Museum and a nice chap found us a completely empty room to eat it in. This was so good - the children got to run around while we had a seat.

Then I came home and finished the middle bit of the starry quilt for my nephew and his young lady. It doesn't look very impressive but there were a lot of corners. Now to decide on borders.

And now Daughter 2 and Littlest are at Newcastle on their way up here for Easter weekend. Hurray!


  1. Oh, that littlest one is adorable! What a wonderful family you have. Enjoy the weekend.

  2. And your quilt! Love the way you've contrasts move across the piece.

  3. What a cutie! My younger child was very strong willed and it took some major channeling of those energies to preserve my sanity. Is it just me or is Oldest Granddaughter shooting up? She looks quite tall in your picture. It sounds like you had a great time!!

  4. PAM! Your quilt is beautiful!!! Youngest granddaughter is getting so big -- what a little cutie. It looks like you all had a wonderful time!