Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Easing of the restrictions...

So joy of joys, we went up on Sunday to visit Son and family, and the Edinburgh family came too. As luck would have it, the weather ceased being beautiful for that one day; however, it wasn't really cold so it didn't matter, though we're not allowed to go inside anyone's house. Middle Granddaughter, who with her little brother hadn't seen us since October, came rushing out shouting "Granny!" and flung herself into my arms, which was SO lovely! Little Grandson, who's not quite 2, was slightly shy for the first 30 seconds but was then fine. The children had a happy time playing in Daughter-in-Law's nice sister's garden at first - nice sister, who has no children, is a very doting auntie and has a huge trampoline in her garden for the children, so the Edinburgh Two had a lovely time playing on that with their cousins. 

We went to Son's for lunch and then took a walk up the hill a bit. 

where they all had a good time...

ploutering in the burn (ie messing about in the stream). 

So that was wonderful. Then yesterday we looked after the Edinburgh Two, not yet back at school after the Easter holidays. We walked by the river - 

- hello, swans - 

and the children scrambled on trees

and then we came home and played in the lovely sunshine (it came back) and had a game of Scrabble. They're getting so grown up! (sometimes). 

And yesterday we also got our second vaccines and then today we had our hair cut so - progress! 


  1. This a wonderful post, full of HAPPY things! So glad you got to have special times with your family. xoxo

  2. This post put a smile on my face! Grandchildren, vaccines and real haircuts! A friend from the US sent me a photo of his haircut, done by a flatmate... definitely an amateur job!!

  3. A very good news post. Long may the good prevail. We’ve been cut and jabbed too!

  4. So very happy that you've got to see your beloved little ones and family members at last! I recently discovered that my mum is now a great grandmother, to be known as GG. Let's hope confusion can be avoided when they teach the wee one what a horse is.
    Beautiful pictures again!

  5. Wow! You've had quite the fun lately! Just seeing the grands is like a shot in the arm.