Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Busy times

On Sunday and Monday the Edinburgh Two were here and worked together on the recently-neglected Brio. Big Granddaughter took an unusually active part in the construction for a while, 

but then she lost herself in a pile of vintage Beanos.

Later on, she wanted to make a dress for her doll. I'm not much of a dressmaker and she's not much of a needlewoman (yet) but Mr L had recently discarded a pair of pyjamas, so we took the bottom of one leg, gathered it with elastic, added ribbons and hey presto, a sundress. A very simple one! She did do at least some of the sewing. 

In the end, the layout spread from the kitchen

through the dining room,

into the back hall,

round the chest of drawers,

performing a loop to get it up and over the threshold bar,

into the sitting room and

into the main layout. It was a lot of work.

Meanwhile in the garden, 






  1. Oh My Saints!! That is a fantastic track! There's such a lot of creativity, maths and language, as well as co-operative play. Your kids must be the Brio champions of GB!! I'm eating til my grandson comes to show him the wonderful layout.

  2. Good to see the Brio out again and the Beano being read.
    What an amazing transformation! Pyjama leg to elegant doll dress, very clever.

  3. That is an amazingly elaborate track. I love how creative your grandchildren are! What a great idea for the doll's dress.

  4. I'm trying to bookmark this post so I cna show the Brio layout to my grandsons.... However we have nowhere near so many!
    Your clematis are beautiful. I have three that I bought this spring; two have bloomed already and one is just now starting! What fun!

  5. Wow -- you have an amazing collection of Brio parts. I love that the track is now spanning rooms. And how clever are you and L to re-use a pj bottom. That new dress is just perfect!

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