Thursday, June 24, 2021

The joys of walking

On Saturday, o joy of joys, we had the first expedition since February 2020 with our walking group friends. We met at the Roman Bridge in Musselburgh, just outside Edinburgh to the east. It's not really Roman, but the Romans did build a bridge on this site in about 100 AD. They then packed up and went home after a few centuries, and the bridge was getting a bit decrepit around 1300 so was rebuilt. This version dates only from 1597. 

We walked through the village of Inveresk, stopping at St Michael's Church, where we met a girl with a bunny on a lead (not a common sight) and looked at some gravestones. This one has iron bars across it, presumably to guard against grave-robbers, who were still around in - or at least shortly before - 1836, when this person died. Burke and Hare, infamous in Edinburgh for murdering 16 people when they couldn't find enough graves to rob in order to supply bodies for medical dissection, were doing this in 1828.

And then we just walked on, chatting a lot. We were in two groups, about 10 minutes apart, to be a bit more Covid aware.


And who could help admiring this hedge, cut into an engine and an elephant to the right of the gate

and a pig, a teddy and a dog on the left? 

We only walked about five miles and it was all very ordinary but after the year and a bit we've all had, it was also WONDERFUL.



  1. That is excellent to get back into your walking routine; seeing and spending time with others while exercising outside is very therapeutic.

  2. How enjoyable to be back with old companions! The grave robbers story horrified me, but then I was smiling with the clever topiary on the hedge. Someone with time on their hands!

  3. Yay! The walks with your walking group have started again. I'll walk vicariously through you and Mr. Life ;-D

  4. I do envy your your walking. Such lovely places to walk and see! I walked a very boring mile+ this morning... first with one dog, and then with another. New suburban neighborhoods are so boring compared to your interesting villages. So glad your Covid restrictions are easing off now! But this evenng I get to do something more interesting... My Master Gardeners group is meeting at a residence to see their Native Plants garden, and then we will reconvene an a lovely older park for our formal meeting (and also get to enjoy the more formal gardens there.)

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