Tuesday, June 22, 2021

The man on the roof

We have been rather busy. The Unbloggables (Son and family) came to visit us from Wednesday to Saturday last week, which was so lovely. I don't think they've ever stayed so long - certainly not since Little Grandson (now 2) was born and I don't think they've stayed more than one night at a time since Middle Granddaughter (5 come August) was on the scene. It was very nice indeed, but they're an active family and not that easy for us to keep up with. One day we went along the nearby cycle path, above. Both children have inherited their parents' agility - nature or nurture or a mixture of both? They live in the country and so there's nothing much to do nearby except walking and playparking - and then, of course, Covid has meant no outings to the nearby city. 

Little Grandson is a great tractor/digger enthusiast (of course he's had no access to public transport in his lifetime). We went to see the trams and trains near us. "What's a tram?" asked Medium Granddaughter. 

Another day we went to the Zoo. 

The pair of them enjoyed playing with Big Grandson's Brio, which he's suddenly grown out of (sob). 

We went to the Botanics. This is an adorable photo (take my word for it) of them sitting on a branch. 

And on Friday the Edinburgh Two came and they all played very nicely together. 

And Son very decently agreed to go up on the kitchen roof and clean our two skylights. This is not a task which has tempted Mr L or me recently. We would have to climb up a ladder, but Son swarmed up via a fence. 

The children are so lovely. Middle Granddaughter is extremely affectionate and gives us wonderful cuddles and Little Grandson, though understandably more circumspect, got quite used to us after a while. Can't wait to see them again!

And yesterday we changed all the beds and washed the towels and so on. The paddling pool is put away and so are some of the toys. I shall now go and tackle the rest. 



  1. What a wonderful visit! I don't like high places or ladders either, so that's great that your son could get up there to clean the skylights. Grandchildren cuddles are the best! No more brio for oldest grandson? Oh, children growing up can be so hard on us.

  2. How Wonderful! I love that they came to visit for so long -- those babies need time with their Granny and Grandad! It looks like you had a great time but, if you're like me, you're probably tired today LOL. XO

  3. And I remember, as though it were yesterday, when you were sad because you had no grandchildren. All things come to those who wait! Sounds like a lovely time was had by all, not least not having to go climbing on the roof....

  4. How lovely for you to have them for so long! Little Grandson will soon get used to you, I'm sure. I'm amazed Big Grandson has given up the Brio - we have it too for our 6 year old, and I do hope we have a couple more years enjoyment out of it. Aren't children tiring though? I sleep like a log after a day with our two. You can hold off on the rest of the washing - it will still be there tomorrow!

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