Wednesday, August 04, 2021

Spam, spam, spam, spam

At the weekend, we often go to the Botanics with the Edinburgh family. The wildflower meadow is looking good. 

As is the herbaceous border, though this is clearly the "hot" end, whose colours don't, in my opinion, go together very well. 

This is the "cool" end, 

which is perhaps prettier in close up.

This is another wildflower bit, where the poppies are doing well. 

On Monday, we took the train to the Borders - a line that Big Grandson has never been on - and then took a bus - a Borders Bus, very exciting - to Melrose. 

It's scenic round there.

We visited Melrose Abbey, bits of which date from the 1100s. Big Grandson was very interested in their drains. 

The Abbey Gardens were colourful, if a bit municipal. 

We had lunch. This took a long time to come, so we played Pictionary. The lunch was very good when it came. 

And then we got the bus and the train back home. 

And today we went to the trampoline centre and the children bounced. 

I'm enjoying their school holidays. 

I've now set comment moderation (well, my daughter has) with the annoying result that I'm informed when spam comments are put on ancient posts that I'm sure no one ever looks at - which is quite frequently. I still feel that I have to mark them as spam (take that, spammer) so it's a bit more time-consuming than I expected. Hey ho. 



  1. You have such wonderful outings with the grandchildren. Niko loves planes, so we're going to take him to a restaurant at a small airfield where we can eat outside and (hopefully) watch planes take off and land. That's frustrating about the spam comments. No one can comment on my older posts. That's the setting I have turned on anyway.

  2. Your grandchildren are so lucky to have you. What precious memories you are creating. On another note - will this pandemic ever end!

    1. I think I'm the lucky one, but thank you.

  3. A lovely trip. We are aiming to get down to the Borders soon.
    It is easy to dispose of spam..better than having it on your blog comments

  4. How boring for you. What a waste of your time too.

    Were the grandchildren interested in the Olympics? My 6 yo wasn't particularly, but the country has done so well - particularly one rower who's scooped the golds - she's up to about 5 now! And she seems to be a very pleasant young woman.

    1. I doubt if they're more than vaguely aware that the Olympics are happening! We're not sports fans in our family.

  5. Those wildflower meadows are beautiful, and so very good for insects. I'm trying to starve the soil in bits of my garden to achieve a small portion of that.

    1. Yellow rattle's the thing, I believe - I imagine that's what you're growing. I know I ought to allow a bit of garden to go wild but it's not very big and I just can't bring myself to. There are lots of flowers for the insects, though, and I don't spray anything (though I do occasionally take snails for a walk from which I hope they don't return, across a busy road to a piece of woodland...).

  6. You have THE BEST adventures with your grandchildren! I would love to say I've taken my girls to Kircaldy or Melrose Abbey or Edinburgh Castle! Maybe when they get older and hopefully I won't be toooo old -- there's a fine line there where they will be old enough to remember such a trip and I won't be too old to take it -- not sure if we have that combination. Thank you as always for sharing your fabulous adventures!

  7. Reading about your trips with those lucky grandchildren makes me regret how little time we have had with ours, being so far apart. They'll certainly have hordes of wonderful memories of their times with you two!

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