Friday, July 08, 2022

Another year older and... so on.

I got rid of all the cots, buggies and the high chair through FB Marketplace and Gumtree, so hurray (sniff). 

We took the Edinburgh Two up to Angus to visit the Angus Two and we all went for a walk in the woods. 

Son climbed a tree, slightly alarming his mother. 

And then we went to Daughter-in-Law's nice sister's house for lunch and a bounce. 

Back at Son's, their cat was enjoying Medium Granddaughter's cot quilt (recognise it, Thimbleanna?). 

I got some birthday books (Happy Independence Day, Americans) 

and in the absence of any offspring anywhere near at the time, we celebrated by going to an exhibition in The Queen's Gallery at Holyrood Palace to see some paintings from the Royal Collection. I rather fancy this Rembrandt portrait of Agatha Bas, who died in 1658 at the age of 47 - poor lady. 

You can't tell from my rubbish photo, but the cuffs were exquisitely painted, with little raised bits of white paint to simulate lace. Amazing. I love portraits. Look at the foreshortened hand! It looks all wrong if you stare at it for a while but in fact it's very realistic. 

And this Delft Courtyard at Evening with Woman Spinning would look great in our hall. It's by Pieter de Hooch. 

Failing to nick one of Her Maj's paintings, we had lunch in her restaurant instead. 

This was Son's highly appropriate birthday card. 

Very sadly, Mr L's very kind and jolly uncle has died, at the age of 96. The funeral was yesterday. This is the view from their garden, which is terraced, with two lower terraces that you can't see in the photo. His aunt, 97, is keen to stay in the house, which is understandable - it's large and lovely - but... she's 97. Very well preserved for 97, but still 97.  

As funerals often are, it was a lovely (though sad) occasion, meeting up with family members - Uncle W's children and grandchildren, who mainly live in England and whom we haven't seen since the first lockdown. We had a nice lunch after the service. 

And the week has featured quite a lot of this chap - whom we're happy to see go! 

Isn't blogging difficult these days? - various people have contacted me to say that they can no longer comment on my blog; I can't comment on some other people's; I can comment on some, but only anonymously; and one blog I love to read tells me that it's DANGEROUS AND I MUSTN'T CLICK ON IT even though it's written by a nice lady who lives on a small island in Orkney. So. Huff!


  1. I've heard that too about the difficulty some have commenting on blogs. I have accounts with various platforms (that my computer thankfully remembers) or I'm sure I would too! Happy Birthday to you!! Books are the perfect gift. Your outings sounded wonderful; although a funeral isn't a happy occasion, it's sometimes the only good excuse we have for getting families together. Sadly.

  2. Last time I tried to leave a comment I failed. Today I can, so Happy Birthday!

  3. Belated Happy Birthday. Happy reading!

  4. Happy birthday - a trip, done at your pace, with no competing demands, to the gallery at Holyrood sounds perfect. Much as one simply loves the grandchildren, enjoying an exhibition with them is not relaxing! I'm sorry about Mr L's uncle's death, I do hope his widow comes to a peaceful decision about her future care - it's never easy, and compounded with grief, and so many necessary decisions, distressing for her. I love Grandson's birthday card - I'm also one of the apostrophe pedants, and I am not giving way! I've been down with flu, so it was lovely to catch up with your blog. Keep well.

  5. A good trip!
    More and more funerals are being called Life Celebration...which they should be.

  6. Happy Birthday! Books are the perfect gift. My birthday was ten days ago and I also received books.

    I spent some time just now catching up on your blog. Your oldest two grandchildren are getting so big! Grandson is quite the artist.

    I had to laugh over your comment that the painting would look great in your hall. I often want to bring museum pieces home with me.

    The dragon quilt is going to be fantastic. I love that your granddaughter asked you to make it for her. How could a grandmother say no to that?

  7. Sorry I missed your comment earlier. Blogger is challenging to say the least. I had to come back here three times to leave a comment. I AM stubborn. Enjoyed your blog and love Thimbleanna!

  8. Awww, look at that beautiful quilt -- I DO recognize those fabrics! Cats and quilts are inseparable too. It looks like you had a wonderful birthday - and how lucky to go to the exhibition at the palace. I need to time my trips better ;-D.