Wednesday, June 07, 2023

It really is all about the flowers at the moment - not ours, this time, but in the local park, which is very good on its herbaceous borders, my favourite kind of plants. I don't love the colour of these poppies but they make a fine display. 

I'll always love lupins. As a little girl, I used to play with the "jewels" of raindrops on their leaves and make them run down into the centre of the leaves to make tiny shining pools. (There wasn't a lot to do when I was a child... .)

Though purple isn't my favourite colour in general terms, who doesn't love a purple bearded iris? 

Whereas I really love this shade of poppy. I wonder if I could gather a seed or two, later in the season...? 

An even more lurid purple iris. I wouldn't want to wear that colour but it's acceptable in flowers. Maybe not so good right beside that yellow day lily, though...

Ahh, I love peonies. And their subtle rose scent - when I was a child they were always called peony roses. 

And a long view over the rose garden - the roses aren't in bloom yet, but multiple alliums stand guard over the box-hedged beds. 

We're having a quietish few days: some friends over on Monday and lots of gardening, but yesterday the most exciting thing that happened was having a double-glazing panel replaced in a kitchen window, it having developed a steamy leak. And another one is being fitted next week in the upstairs bathroom. Now, that's not an interesting way to spend a lot of money. Still, compared to so many people in this troubled world, we have a very easy life. 



  1. I love the idea of rain 'jewels' making 'tiny shining pools' - that image will stay with me.

  2. The rain on flowers is fascinating and beautiful. I like the colors you don't like PLUS all the ones you do. I'm generally not a fan of yellow or white although I make exceptions to that. Peonies have so many layers! I don't have any, just my peony style tulips.