Thursday, November 30, 2006

The tale of a cake

A 22-year old lad I know had some time free at home this afternoon and decided to make a cake for his girlfriend’s flatmate. This flatmate – let’s call her A. – can be a bit of a trial – she hogs the washing machine, uses other people’s butter and such like. However, A. had done this lad a favour and, being a well-brought up boy, he wanted to show his appreciation.

So he made a cake. It was his favourite kind – apple sauce cake. It rose beautifully; it was, he felt, the best cake he had ever made. He iced it with cream cheese icing; it looked delicious.

His girlfriend came to dinner with us. After the meal, he looked at the beautiful cake and wondered if it was maybe too good for the - generally rather awkward - flatmate.


The cake tasted very nice indeed.

Well, he can make another one tomorrow


  1. Ha ha ha ha! I would have eaten it, too!

  2. Good decision! Any chance of sharing the recipe? My mouth is watering over here.

  3. That's funny - looked to good to eat (almost)

  4. It looks delicious! Go on give us the recipe. I would have eaten it too.

  5. Mmmmm - it looks wonderful!! I don't blame him at all for changing his mind and serving it to those he loves instead!

    By the way - root beer is a very tasty soda - like Coke or Pepsi. It is mainly a North American beverage - so you may not have seen it in your stores. It has a different flavor than the colas and is very tasty. Putting a little vanilla ice cream in a chilled glass and then filling it with root beer make a frosty treat called a root beer float!

  6. What a sweet little tale! It made me smile.

  7. Next time he gets such a notion he should set up two bowls and make one cake to keep, and one for the less than charming flatmate. I'm joining the chorus from V and SG --go on , give us the recipe, you know you want to!
    In answer to your question "bawn" is an anglicized spelling of an Irish word that means "fair-haired". My grandmother called me Molly bawn when I was little.

  8. SO glad you enjoyed it!
    It looks so delicious.
    & Yes the recipe might be nice!

  9. ohhh yum! anything with cream cheese icing has to be a winner :)