Sunday, February 25, 2007

Feeling better

Our-in-law is feeling better; great news. He’s a lovely lad and the cleverest person I know. He got the starriest first class degree of his year in German from Oxford University, despite having decided early on that he should have done something scientific instead. Then he did a Master’s in Computer Science at Birmingham and again came out very much top. They sent him a letter to say that his project “far surpassed any that has been submitted during the 15 years that the course has been running”.

This would all be fine if he didn’t suffer from depression. Not that he has anything obvious to be depressed about. He has a lovely family, and he’s clever, funny, kind, popular, good-looking, musical, artistic… . But this is all dust and ashes if he’s depressed. Luckily, Daughter 1 is saintly and is so good with him. But it’s very hard.

He has hardly been at work this year and we’ve been really worried. However, on Thursday at 4.30 pm he suddenly felt better – completely normal. I don’t know whether this is the power of prayer or a chemical change in him, but… anyway, he’s still cheerful. He’s planning to go back to work tomorrow, afternoons only, and to return full time next week. Keep your fingers crossed for him.

Today, at a family lunch, the subject of Sheepcat’s Facebook page was mentioned. “Maybe I could make him a Live Journal page,” mused Daughter 1.

“Or a MiceSpace,” son-in-law offered with his cheeky grin.

Ah, it’s so good to have the boy back to normal.


  1. So glad to hear that the boy is doing well!! And thank you for the comments on my blog-I will be adding to it tomorrow.Hope the rest of the family is doing well, too!!

  2. So nice to have something good happen once in a while. Sounds like such a sweet and clever boy....

  3. Fingers crossed that your in-law's lightened mood continues on. And on.

  4. I'm glad that he's managed to overcome his depression, and I hope it stays away

  5. A wicked wicked malaise.
    So glad all is so much rosier!

    Such a gifted person.

  6. You know - depression responds well to a number of medications. Sometimes it is moods, but often it is chemical and just can't be helped any other way! I hope he goes to his dr and asks about taking medicine for depression. It can change his life!

  7. In response to Grandi -Medication can also ruin your life -you have to be careful. Many people have taken their own lives (or ended up very sick for a long time) after taking medication and responding adversely to it. I have personal experience with this and my husband is a nurse and has told me many stories along these lines too. It's not for everyone.