Friday, February 09, 2007


Our son has been revising for exams in opthalmology, dermatology and ailments of the ear, nose and throat. He’s been sitting at the kitchen table surrounded by large books with horrid pictures of pustuled skin, diseased eyes and deformed noses. These don’t seem to bother him at all, but he’s been rather bored. To make things worse, his girlfriend, to whom he is devoted, has been studying the same books 100 miles away.

So he’s been keeping a keen eye on his Facebook page.

(In case you don’t know, Facebook is a website on which young people have a page about themselves on which they can post news, photos, short videos and so on. Their friends volunteer themselves to be listed on this page and can leave little messages. It’s a way of keeping in contact with school and university friends – and also the friends of the friends. It’s very diverting and a splendid waste of time; thus ideal for a bored student.)

Not being able to while away quite enough time on his own Facebook page or that of his acquaintances, he naturally decided to create a page for Sheepcat, the extremely fluffy feline who lives round the corner from us. Son and his girlfriend are extremely partial to having a quick word and cuddle with Sheepcat (probably not his real name) whenever they pass his house. Sheepcat is not a shy animal and is happy to be stroked by anyone who is willing to spend a few minutes in his company.

Within hours of getting his own Facebook page, Sheepcat had acquired various “friends” – either Son’s friends or their pets – who left him messages. There are clearly a lot of revising students around at the moment. “Hmm,” said Son this morning. “I’ve had two messages this morning and Sheepcat’s had sixteen!”

We don’t know Sheepcat’s owners except by sight. They might be quite surprised at his sudden rise to prominence and popularity. And his name, come to that.

You can see a four –second video of Sheepcat here:


  1. Sheepcat seems like a wonderful name for that sweet humongous cat.

  2. My word! Sheepcat is a large handsome man!
    And a born actor it would seem.

  3. PS Son is not bad either!

  4. That is a gorgeous cat, I love cats. They all have their own unique personalities.

    Good luck to your son with his studies!

  5. No luck with u-tube, but the pics show him off to great advantage! Sounds like quite a character. Too funny Sheepcat getting so much fan mail!

  6. What a spot on name for this feline fellow!

  7. Sheepcat's real name is Ollie, I believe.

  8. Cats that I have known in my life have been referred to as 'sheep' (fat, fluffy one's that is).. they are like little sheep aren't they? Sheepcat having his own space on the internet is hilarious, it's like those travelling gnomes that people steal from others gardens and take pictures of them around the world (to mail back to the owners). Sheepcat, gnomes.. the things we do to amuse ourselves! My kind of humour though (however I don't endorse theft of gnomes or anything from people's gardens)!