Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Look at my new computer!

I have a new whizzy computer! So exciting – well, actually, not all that exciting, since I’m not really interested in machines apart from what they can do for me. But the previous computer wouldn’t let me blog, which was a grave displeasure. This one is much better… so far. Thank you, dear husband, for setting it all up for me, despite being gravely ill with a cold. And I can add pictures, so this is one of the garden ten days ago: our only snow of the winter, and it lasted all of about six hours.

I love hyacinths so much. The scent transports me back to my childhood and somehow to school, where presumably we must have had hyacinths in the classroom. Though I wouldn't like to be a child again. Doing sums; how boring.

Another extract from a student’s essay which made me smile. Again, it took me a few seconds to work this one out: “Uncle Peter deserts from the army and goes a wall.”

Honestly, I’m not making these up.


  1. File under "Truth is stranger than fiction!"

  2. Im right there with you re. hyacinths and school being linked. In my very young primary classes - was a small country school and primary 1 - 4 had the same teacher - we used to plant a hyacinth every year in a see through blue vase type thing - so we could see the roots - and then it was put away in the teacher's dark cupboard to force it to grow I guess. Funny the memories we have stored away which can be triggered suddenly...

  3. I love the hyacinth scent, as well. It fills the home with such a good feeling.
    Glad to see you back to more blogging. I have missed the new posts and pictures!
    "a wall"?? Ugh! :)
    Have a wonderful day, Isabelle!

  4. A wall. That's fantastic.

    Thankyou for sharing these gems, I am enjoying them.

    Good luck using your new computer. Don't break him...

  5. Obviously Uncle Peter was in the Eighth Army stationed in North Africa!

  6. A good laugh. It makes you wonder what will become of the child who wrote it.
    Love Hyacinths, but the little Grape Hyacinths are my all time favourites. I remember them from my childhood too!

  7. I haven't been here in a while. Have to go looking for other gems, because a wall was wonderful. What an amusing profession!