Friday, February 23, 2007

RequiesCat in pacem

Son heard a rumour last week that the powers behind Facebook were going round deleting pages belonging to anyone whose second name was Cat. Spoilsports! And sure enough Sheepcat’s page (or Sheep Cat, as he was designated to fit the form) has gone! Wiped out! And he had 64 friends all over the world! (You may have to look at a few posts ago to know what I'm talking about.)

Son sighed, disappointed at the killjoy nature of cyberspace.

“I could make him another page,” he mused. “I could call him Sheepcat Edinburgh, or Sheepcat Again…”. Pause. “On the other hand, now I’m not revising any more, the matter doesn’t seem so urgent.”

He passed his exams, by the way. I give the credit to Sheepcat. The fluffy chap himself is quite well, you’ll be glad to hear. I gave him a pat yesterday. He seemed untraumatised by being deleted.


  1. Well done Isabelle's Son! And boo to the bores behind Facebook

  2. If your son finds a way to get Sheepcat back on Facebook (maybe give him a family last name?) please let us know so I can tell my college boys to go be his friend! ;-)

  3. I reckon it's the Dogs doing it.

  4. I LOVE your title for this one Isabelle. Sheepcat can be proud that he played such an important part in helping your son pass his exams!

  5. Phew, I thought Sheepcat was dead!

    Speaking of Hyacinth's I recently bought "Hyacinth Bucket's Hectic Social Calendar" (it's a book) from one of my favourite eBay sellers. Love the series but have only seen about 30% of it I'd imagine.

    Yours look lovely.

  6. Well, I know several cats who have Livejournals. LJ doesn't seem to care if you have opposable thumbs or not. (In fact, I know two cuddly toys who have LJs, which may be taking the whole thing a bit far.)

    It might be as well for Bro's studies if he didn't get into LJ just yet, though.

  7. Wha???
    I say Jolly Good for your Son!!
    So glad the real Sheepcat is ok!

  8. Ah Sheepcat! 64 friends one day, oblivion the next. Fame is fickle.