Saturday, June 23, 2007

The efficacy of pester power

You think we finally gave in and got a kitten, don't you?
Look more closely.

The house is in chaos. Grandchildren would be much less work.

Also, it's very hard to take photos of black cats.

I think this is Sirius - a Harry Potter allusion, I'm told. On the other hand, it might be Cassie, short for Casseopeia - continuing the approximate constellation theme. Son chose the names. We had a cat when I was a girl who was actually named Dido but always called Pussy. The children point out that we can't call them both Pussy, though at the moment I can't really tell which is which, so it would be less trouble. And I think they're going to be quite enough trouble as it is...
The offspring are very very happy. Son is especially delirious. He says that he'll take them with him when he has a house of his own. Hmm.
We ordered new sofas for our dining room a few weeks ago. They're due to arrive in a month or so. We've had the old sofas for over 20 years and I wouldn't mind them being attacked. But my nice new ones...


  1. We were right! You surrendered! They are too sweet, Isabelle. And the offspring look deleriously happy. (I am with you re the new sofas though.)

  2. Good grief. Deliriously.

  3. oh Isabelle they are utterly gorgeous!

    good luck with the new couches. Aparently you can get some sort of spray that stops cats from scratching the furniture, but mine seem to rather like it...

  4. WooHoo!!! They're adorable and congratulations. I told Scruffy and he's just beside himself. At least I think that is why he has just been randomly throwing himself at my legs. It could be because I was gone for four days, but I really think it's your kitties. Have a grand time with them!

  5. Anonymous10:52 pm

    They are just gorgeous!! And they are making me sentimental - we had two cats in New Zealand that we left there with new owners when we came back to Australia. One of them was completely black and I named him Pagan. He was/is a lovely cat.

  6. I'm laughing... you not only got a cat, but TWO CATS! You are so funny... What we call 'a pushover'. But, you'll enjoy the kittens as their personalities emerge. We have one HUGE cat... 14 years old. I love her dearly. She's not a lot of work. New sofas? Declaw!!
    Package mailed yesterday... postmaster said it can take up to two weeks.

  7. I laughed too, when I realised there are two! You will hate to part with them, if your son moves. It is lovely to think of a man who loves cats, what a lovely person he is.
    We had a black cat once, called Chester.

  8. Loved the kitties! And the photos! Pure joy on the faces of the humans! :)
    Joblessness... I am a "stay at home mom" so I always want to be mom to healthy kids... I worry about them and hope they're well. Another "job" is wife... I always want to have this job, as well... And someday I'd like to be a full time teacher...but with no interviews in sight.. who knows. It was a one word challenge, so I couldn't say "healthy children and husband" :) and you'd taken accidents. :)
    Enjoy the whiskered-ones! :)

  9. How gorgeous. It was only ever a matter of time. I'm sure Sirius and Cassie will develop their own personalities over time. In the meantime, Pussy sounds like a good compromise.

    Oh dear, I'm now fighting the urge to go out and get a cat of my own.

  10. well, well, how lovely
    I knew you would get some cats! Aren't they beautiful?

    You will have to get one of those very unaesthetic scratching things covered in carpet. I just got two 1950's esigner chairs and the cats thought it was a present for them. i have had to cover them up and place ugly scratch pole right next to them.

    My favourite cats were named Pooeyboy and Biscuit-marie. Summoned home operatically, it was very entertaining for the neighbours. I live on a cliff- good for echoing around the place.

    Congratulations !

  11. .....and two is ideal! They'll always have someone to play know, when you're too busy blogging, or your son is off delivering babies or peering at peoples' retinas....

  12. You obviously weren't put off black cats after reading my posts about our black demon Topsy! I told Ken right from the start we should have got two black cats instead of one, and now looking at your cuties, I feel like heading off to the Cat Protection Society and adopting another one!