Monday, June 18, 2007


I’ve been away with the family for a long weekend and must go and sort things out, but in brief, to answer a couple of people's questions on a recent blog post: this is a mecanopsis – in the above case, a blue Himalayan poppy.

How kind of some of you, by the way, to admire my infant chubbiness of two posts ago. Alas, the chubbiness is still with me (or at least, it departed for some years but has now returned), but I don’t think I’m at all recognisable from those photos. Hair is still brown on the whole, but with grey streaks at the front - it was never as dashingly dark as it looks in the photo with the bow – and it’s wavy, though the Shirley Temple look has gone, which is probably a good thing. My cheeks are still rosy (yes, I know those are black-and-white photos so you’ll have to take my word for it); I still have two eyes (brown) a nose (unremarkable) and a mouth (small). But I now look like a boring 57-year-old.

I remember Germaine Greer saying that the worst thing about being middle-aged is that you become invisible, but I quite like it on the whole – the invisible bit. It’s quite stressful to be young and self-conscious, worrying that people are looking at you. Now I know they’re not. I would probably like to look just a trifle less boring, though. But not enough to do anything about it.

Oh and - again referring to a comment from a few posts ago - Daughter 2's aspiring-actor boyfriend has done his two years at acting school in New York and has been back in Britain for a year now. But success has not so far crowned his efforts. It's not that he's not a good actor - he really is, as far as I can tell. But I fear it's a crowded profession.


  1. I was once told my second son should become an actor. I have to confess, I am glad he didn't/hasn't.

  2. Welcome home! I adored the story of "the dog"... such wonderful writing!! You place such great visual images in my head... as good writers do. I hope you enjoyed your time with your family.
    Joni (Thanks... got address!)

  3. Lovely pic of the flowers!

    How would Germaine Greer know what it was like to be invisible, every time we forget about her, she sticks her beak into something that doesn't concern her! :)

  4. I am so amazed by the mecanopsis. What an beautiful colour, isn't nature clever? It looks almost artificial
    Imagine a field full of them.

    I am sure you look perfectly lovely and noticeable.

  5. Germaine Greer SHOULD be invisible.. permanently - not just at middle age.

  6. Hello Isabelle,
    I just wanted to say "hello"! I used to read your blog everyday (you may remember me as being the person from Amsterdam). I know you check who has been reading, so wanted to explain my recent absence. It's due to a new job, far busier than the old one, where I spent most of my time reading blogs :) but i still try to catchup every now and then-- it's lovely to see that you are still doing well! Linda

  7. The flower is stunning! I love the middle age invisible quote. Isn't that the truth? I'm noticing it more and more these days -- can't say I like it much! Holy Cow! You've been busy posting -- I remember when I would just wait for days for a post from you -- now I'm behind and you've been on a tear! I love it!