Thursday, June 21, 2007

I'm not good at being brief

Several days ago, I got tagged by Tanya the Art Butcher (sorry that I still don't know how to do the underlining thing) for that one word response meme, so here I go.

1. Where is your cell phone? Handbag

2. Relationship? Supportive

3. Your hair? Wavy

4. Work? Teacher

5. Your sister? Sadlynonexistent (What? Is that not one word?)

6. Your favourite thing? Family

7. Your dream last night? Forgotten

8. Your favourite drink? Tea

9. Your dream car? Free

10. The room you're in? Study

11. Your shoes? Comfortable

12. Your fears? Accidents

13. What do you want to be in 10 years? Interested

14. Who did you hang out with this weekend? Family

15. What are you not good at? Directions

16. Muffin? Shrug

17. Wish list item? Time

18. Where you grew up? Edinburgh

19. The last thing you did? Gardening

20. What are you wearing? Beads

21. What are you not wearing? Earrings

22. Your pet? Husband

23. Your computer? Precious

24. Your life? Busy

25. Your mood? Calmish

26. Missing? Youth

27. What are you thinking about? Son-in-law

28. Your car? Useful

29. Your kitchen? Pretty

30. Your summer? Scottish

31. Your favourite colour? Blue

32. Last time you laughed? Recently

33. Last time you cried? Slightly

34. School? Boring

35. Love? Lots

As for whom to tag... I can't now remember who's done it and I must go, but how about Beakus, Positively Mom and Yummers - if you're there, any of you!

It's the longest day. Ater I'd visited my mother this evening, I walked home. It was eleven o'clock, and still more light than dark, though twilightish under the trees. I love the long, light summer evenings in Scotland. It's dark now (midnight 02) but in about three hours the sun will start to rise again. Now that's not quite so welcome... birds singing lustily at three in the morning...


  1. Isabelle,
    Thanks for tagging me... I love filling in blanks. Your package will be going to the post office tomorrow. Friday is package day for some reason... an odd habit. I enjoyed your discription of your walk home tonight. Scotland sounds lovely. My husband has the central air on so cold... I'm going to bed with a cup of tea and read. I've been on a Lee Child kick... need to finish this one and move on. I really jump around as far as genre & authors.Favorites: Agatha Christie and Jane Austin.
    Good night,

  2. Nice answers.
    Loved the twilights in Christchurch in New Zealand, & I still miss those, living here in Oz, we dont get them.

  3. You are was very early for me indeed!
    This was a great meme, Isabelle... One word answers are always a challenge for bloggers! Not sure you should let your husband read the pet one! Still raining here. But then Wimbeldon starts on Monday, so I expect the rain to continue!

  4. I envy you walking. That's what I miss most about where I grew up. Here the distances are such you're pretty much forced into the car much more than I'd like....