Wednesday, August 29, 2007


How have 12 people managed to comment on Molly's post? When I click on the little envelope, I still get a form that asks me for her email address. Has she told this to everyone but me? (Paranoia sets in: they've all been invited to the party except me!) Please, some computer-literate person: what can I do? Apart from devoting all my blog to talking to Molly, which would of course be a possibility. I'd have to rename it: the Molly Bawn Correspondence, or something.

This is a lily, by the way. Obviously. The previous picture was mainly a fuchsia (named after Mr Fuchs) - I really love fuchsias - and a nice red........ behind it. I've forgotten its name, though I know it perfectly well *. Alas, senile decay. A red carnation behind it (not very good garden planning really, though I do quite like all the reds together). And a pot of lobelias beside it.

And yes, green and lush are qualities we do well in Britain. It comes with the lack of sunshine, I suppose, and the damp. Especially this summer.

Come on, you clever people out there - take pity on my clueless state.

* Edited to add: 1) the red plant is an astilbe - thanks, K. 2) Molly problem now solved - thanks Tanya et al.


  1. Hi Isabelle;

    I'm guessing that the issue is that your browser has an old copy of Molly's page, one prior to her reenabling comments. Try refreshing the page or quitting and restarting your browser and see if that helps.

    Sorry if this is coherent. I have a sick toddler screaming at me.

  2. Yeah, what Tanya said. If it doesn't work, hold the CTRL key down while hitting the refresh button (button 2 green circular arrows at top of page). That should do it. If you can see 16 comments, click on that. Ignore the envelope, it is there to cause you pain. :)

  3. Nice red astilbe, maybe?

  4. I've worked it out. I think.

    Don't click on the little envelope - that means "E-mail this entry to a third party". Click on the text beside the envelope that says "Leave a comment".

    Possibly you've tried that already.

  5. Molly siad she had fixed it! I just clicked on the other comments and had no problem, after the mu initial contact via email!
    Love that lily. I have a friend who has dozens of varieties in pots in one particular part of her garden, which is full of Australian natives. She likes to keep the liliums seperate. Very nice they are too. I try to grow them every now and then, in a wee corner of the garden (again because himself is an Australian native man) but it obviously isn't the right corner for them. My hyacinths are doing very well though, in the half wine barrel.

  6. What a gorgeous photo!

  7. Hi Isabelle ;-),

    These burps with the computer always confuse me -- by now you've probably found the solution as you've had great suggestions. I've had a problem to figure out -- I discovered that you blogspot blogs couldn't see my e-mail. I had to work out an ugly solution which involved creating a fake blog.
    My pink lillies are waving hi to your pink lillies!

  8. Thanks so much for all those helpful suggestions. I'll try them out when I have a minute (and possibly a passing offspring).

    Yes, K, astilbe is what I meant.

    Wine comes in barrels in Australia? It's in bottles by the time it gets here...

    Our catlets go for the chop tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed that they don't notice...

  9. You have such lovely flowers! We have about 1000 daylilies in our yard -- apparently the previous owner was mad about yellow daylilies. I made the mistake of looking at my backyard the other day and the weeds are taking over. It looks as though I'll be spending my Labor Day weekend pulling them.

  10. Hey, how did you get your blogroll to show up? I can't for the life of me figure out how to do it!

  11. I bought a huge bunch of pink lilies to make drawings of this week. After a day of looking at them, I opened this post an there, in a nice piece of synchronicity, were yours!

  12. Just as well Tanya and Co. figured it out for you, because if I tried to advise, we'd both end up in the blogditch! Lovely lilies...The problem with Florida in the summer is it's so bloody hot, it takes superhuman effort to keep anything alive, esp with our current water restrictions. However, lots of rain the last few days....

  13. Isabelle, How in the name of all thats holy, are the catlets NOT going to notice?????

    I reckon they'll notice and THEN you are a GONER ....

    No snivelling in the blogworld when they wreak revenge ...