Friday, February 25, 2011


Oh dear. Poor Christchurch. Poor New Zealand. How very terrible. I do hope that my bloggy friends and their families are as all right as anyone could be in these awful circumstances.


  1. Dreadful.

    My Good friend rosie was there visiting her family in Christchurch, went to lunchwuth her sister and was eating soup in a restaurant when the restaurant collapsed.
    She hid under the table and wasnt squashed.

    She is now using a hole in the back garden as a toilet though, but says she has at least got water AND power.

    terrible. terrible terrible.
    There was a swarm of hercules aircraft overhead that night, heading across the Tasman sea, full of soldiers, police, firemen and rescue workers. It was like being in the war.

    My cousin, meanwhile, was in a cyclone in the other direction, in WA.

    Who'd live anywhere NEAR here????

  2. Here's sending hopeful thoughts and good wishes to all your friends, indeed all the poor folks affected by nature's temper tantrum.

  3. We have a Christchurch daughter and two small children with us. Fortunately they were on holiday last Tuesday. SIL has driven home and found the house in tact,unlike his own father's.
    Sophie,secret reader of your blog,and thank you for sharing your life!

  4. We have our Christchurch daughter and two small children here. They were fortunately on holiday last Tuesday when the earthquake struck. SIL drove home,found own house in tact, unlike his father's.
    The magnitude for NZ has been compared to the 9/11 for the USA.
    Sophie, a secret reader of your blog, until now and thank you for sharing your life!