Saturday, February 26, 2011

Preparations for various vital events

Up town today with Daughters 1 and 2 (up from London for the weekend), trying to find a wedding dress for Daughter 2. Complete failure. For the second time. (The picture above is not her and neither is it her dress.) She doesn't want a strapless one (that's 98% of the available dresses ruled out) and nor does she want a plunging neckline (that's 99% of those with straps. And she doesn't like the other one).

"So," she said to her sister, changing the subject, "are you organised for the baby yet?"

Daughter 1 considered. "Mum's bought him a book and a cuddly Moomin."

"That's the essentials covered, then," said Daughter 2.

PS - Did you notice that Daughter 1 said "him"? She had her 20-week scan this week and he seems to be a boy.


  1. Tell her congratulations.

    Boys are lovely. (They always love their Mums.)

  2. Boys are indeed lovely. And ocasionally slightly smelly. And not too good at making beds (mine are upstairs, each trying to complete the Herculean feat of putting on a duvet cover, fitted sheet and pillowcase. They've been at it for 20 minutes and are now resorting to making loudly plaintive noises about how ha-a-a-a-rd this is. I am resisting.) Congratulations to Daughter 1 on the scan and applause to Daughter 2 for refusing to bow to the strapless wedding dress fraternity. She might want to consider finding a local dressmaker to make one for her - a school friend made mine for me and it cost SIGNIFICANTLY less than my mum's outfit for the wedding! And it had sleeves and everything.

  3. Oh yes, I'll sing the praises of boy children too, they really do love their Mums. And I applaud the decision to find a bride dress that is neither strapless or plunging, maybe find a pattern she likes and try a dressmaker?

  4. A BOY!!! How very exciting! A boy first is perfect 'cause little boys and girls need a big brother. ;-D

    Sorry about the wedding dress -- I'm with DD@ -- I prefer the non-strapless, non-plunging neckline variety. They ARE out there, it will probably just take some extra hunting. Good Luck to all of you!

  5. A little grandson - oh how wonderful! My boys certainly kept me moving!
    The wedding dress may take some finding. I happened to be walking past a shop last week and my friend and I were pondering the total lack of dresses which were not strapless and plunging. Maybe all styles will change after the royal wedding. That is if the bride does not wear strapless and plunging, of course. We will see.

  6. How exciting, though!

    I ended up making mine with my mum because I couldn't find what I wanted, either. Nothing wrong with being picky!

  7. Here are three links to gowns that your daughter might love. They are neither strapless nor low-cut:

    Good luck on your search!

  8. Congratulations on a grandson (probably...)!! Of course a granddaughter would have been just as lovely but knowing means you can get all excited..

    I know what you mean about the dressses too! Don't like the current trend for strapless as don't think they flatter many people. I'm sure she'll find the perfect frock in time!

    Lesley x

  9. Anonymous4:06 am

    Such simple conversations about such exciting times!

  10. My daughter did not want the plunging, nor the strapless. She eventually found what she wanted, but had the straps altered.
    Er..., what is a Moomin?
    I assume boys will love it/them.

  11. Ohh, a little boy!! Congratulations!!!