Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Hard stares

How am I supposed to type with Sirius pestering me? Not only is he squeaking piteously like a cat who hasn't seen a morsel of food for... oh... half an hour; not only is he insisting that I use my right hand to stroke him over and over and over and over again from head to tip of tail; but if ever I desist for ten seconds, he starts sharpening his claws on my cane computer chair.
And now I can feel his eyes boring into the back of my head. I can't possibly find my way from the study to the kitchen, he complains. It's a distance of at least twenty steps.
I'm somewhat devoid of inspiration, anyway. Exhaustion has set in after a full day including an evening class followed by lots of marking.
All right, Sirius. I'm coming.


  1. Devoid of inspiration? Hie thee to our friend, Anna's, and get her scavenger list....supposed to be for photos, but hey! What are they going to do to us if we use it as blog post inspiration instead?

    Cats can be very demanding. What you need is a Bean equivalent to drop in regularly and wrestle and rough house them....Then they'll crawl quietly into a corner to recuperate, leaving you in peace to blog...

    I suspect, however, that you'd have your feelings hurt were they to neglect you thusly!

  2. Yeah, what she (Molly) said! I'd love to see some of those pictures from Edinburgh!

    Oh, and you must bow to the wishes of your kitty cats! ;-)

  3. Anonymous8:22 am

    What a relieve to know that Sirius managed to avoid this cruel fate of starving right away! ;-)
    By the way, I do enjoy your blog...

  4. It is not a bad life, being a cat, is it! Wouldn't it be good if you could bottle and market whatever part of a cat gives such expertise in getting people to do exactly what they want.

  5. It's true what they say: dogs have owners, cats have staff. 24 hours a day, on-call, room service staff.

  6. Don't you just love February?

    Me, neither.

  7. My cats think yours look very neglected - just like them, they say. They would really prefer to have a servant each.....

  8. They are not Siamese twins, are they? So many photos of them side by side like this. I've never heard of two cats who stay close so much of the time - it is so sweet.
    Love your 'discussion' with Sirius. They do understand what we tell them, even if they don't listen. A bit like husbands, really.

  9. Have just been catching up and learning about your poorly paw. Oh dear! Get well soon.

    Mol comes up and sits on my lap and shoves the laptop out of the way so I have to put it on the arm of the sofa and screw round to type at a really awkward angle, resulting in many typos. Like 'knockerbockers'.(I liked it so much I had to type it again...)

  10. i visited the other day and felt very American, having absolutely no idea what plus-4's are - i was happy to see that Anna asked (cuz even after i googled it, i didn't have a mental image) ... it WAS a long, exhausting week, wasn't it? and now the weekend is half over and the next long week will start ... sigh ... i need some April

  11. Your cats look so content there. Morty comes to meowl at me piteously, telling me he is starving! Oh sure! all the treats I buy to tempt him stood uneaten, and treated with disdain... until he discovered Honey was so jealous and coveted them! Now he gobbles every morsel, as though he is truly starving? Who am I, but a humble servant of the creamy Master!