Friday, October 26, 2012


Since our (slightly dyslexic) Daughter 2 is no longer around every day (though she does phone every day) I follow her on Twitter.

Her last three tweets:

I'm proud to be followed by the Lead Sheet Association. Gosh, I'm cool (and also have insightful views on lead sheeting).


Why, given that about 50% of all architects are dyslexic, would the Architects’ Journal use a spelling test to check we are not bots?


Surely a test where you have to pick an appropriate line weight for an external wall - or select the most expensive brick - would be better?
Love you, sweetie. Miss you.


  1. Such a lovely photo of her. I enjoy the spelling tweet-it made me chuckle. :)

  2. If I need any insight into lead sheeting I shall know exactly where to come, it really is who you know these days!

  3. Do you think it's being a younger daughter? My daughter 2 comes out with those great offbeat comments also! My older daughter, although delightful in her own way, tends to be a bit more sober.