Monday, June 24, 2013

Buppoos and birdies

These photos are for Nanny and Gramps in Worcester because they look at my blog for the pictures of the little ones and there haven't been any for a few days. Above, Granddaughter has a nap on the sofa yesterday (a fairly rare occurrence)...

... while Grandson and I look at a book.

I've been scraping up moss from my lawn and reseeding the bald bits. It's been very dry recently, but it rained a bit on Saturday. Guess who ran from muddy patch to muddy patch, getting his new shoes all messy?

Here he goes again.
 And again.

And again. Do you like his haircut?

The other day at the church crèche, Grandson picked up a Thomas the Tank Engine. "Bup my buppoos," he observed to the rather bigger boy beside him. Bigger boy frowned.

"He has a Thomas at home that says 'Bust my buffers'," I explained, "but he can't say it properly yet."

Bigger boy frowned again. "It's not 'Bup my buppoos'," he said patronisingly to Grandson. "It's 'Bust my buffers'."

Grandson [pleasantly - yes, that's what I said]: Bup my buppoos.
Bigger boy [in growing frustration]: IT'S NOT BUP MY BUPPOOS, IT'S BUST MY BUFFERS!
Grandson: [why does this chap keep repeating what I say?]: Bup my buppoos.
Bigger boy [through gritted teeth]: IT'S NOT....


Which reminded me of friends of Daughter 2's and their small children - one child from each family.

Child 1: Look! A birdie!
Child 2 [with withering scorn]: Dat's not a birdie. Dat's a sparrow.

Which it was.

It's good to know that pedantry lives on in the younger generation.


  1. Lovely to see you in a photos for a change. Loved the wee story. Kids learning is always a delightful experience.

  2. Everything must be "just right" for small children!

  3. It is nice to see what you look like! Grandson is very cute. Nice haircut too.

  4. When my Climber was two ish, he had a friend in mothers group called Kealy. He couldn't say the "l" sound competently at that time so he addressed her as "Kee-yee". She frowned and corrected him immediately but alas, she had her own speech impediments so there followed about 5 minutes of him looking confused, saying "Tiwi?" and her getting crankier and crankier, saying sternly "No, not Tiwi: TIWI!!!!" Very funny.

  5. How lovely. And why do we call dogs doggies and birds birdies? Eh?
    My second daughter couldn't pronounce the B sound, a handicap, as her name begins with a B, so I had to devise lots of B sayings for her. it was a lot of fun for us, though it took some time.
    Dring the dright dutterfly dack....etc
    And then there were the S sounds and the sh sounds.

  6. There you are! Grandson obviously gets his good looks from his Granny. He's so cute -- I can't wait until small granddaughter is big and running around like grandson. Whew -- then you're going to have your hands full!

  7. What a joyful little chap. He can bup my buppoos anytime... L xx

  8. Lovely photographs. Children tell it how it is, don't they? A friend's two year old grandson had to go to A&E the other week, after falling down the stairs. Apparently he walked in, looked round, shrugged his shoulders and said very loudly "No God here".

  9. Isabelle revealed! You look very much as I have imagined you all these years!
    Youngsters are sticklers for precision! Good for grandson for maintaining his cool with the unbending bigger boy!

  10. How lovely to see you Isabelle... younger and prettier than you make yourself sound!!