Sunday, June 23, 2013


Thank you for all your Sirius sympathy. Bloggy friends do tend to be animal people. He's doing okay for the moment and sometimes I am inclined to think that he can't be that ill - then I remember the x-rays. Considering that I lost my mother to cancer less than a year ago, it may seem unreasonable to be so upset about a cat, but I think it's all connected with my grief for her. Life is sadly brief.

Mr L and I went to Cammo yesterday to walk in the sunshine and make ourselves feel more positive. I've blogged about Cammo before - it was an estate with a big house (see above) built in 1693 but the house fell into disrepair and was mainly demolished in 1977 (yes, quite). The ground floor - the part below the front door with the fancy triangle at the top of it - at the head of the steps - has been filled in with earth and the upper floors are no longer there. All that's left is the shell of that first floor on a mound of earth.

This is looking out from that front door - the triangular bit is on the other side from the photo. There must have been a lovely view down the avenue - now much narrower - to the hills beyond.

When we were there in the winter, it was very muddy! But yesterday it was sunny and leafy and flowery.

Monet might have enjoyed painting those buttercups.

We walked along by the field and enjoyed the peace.

Cammo Tower is in the distance. You'd think you were in the middle of the country, not a few hundred yards from busy roads.

Later, I admired some roses cut from the garden and floated in a bowl that I found with my mother's things. I really like its little round feet. I have no idea where she got it from but assume that it was once part of a dessert set, maybe belonging to a grandparent. If it could only tell me... .


  1. a bowl full of flowers is always lovely, I think. So sorry to hear about Sirius..

  2. I like your doorway photo. So, so sorry Sirius is poorly.You are not the only one who hates pets being ill.I decided not to have any more pusscat friends of by own for that very reason - I don't do the being ill or dying part well.

  3. A very pretty bowl of roses - even if that wasn't the original purpose of the bowl. Interesting to read about Cammo, such a shame it had to be demolished.

  4. If only there was enough money in the world to keep all the old estates intact. It's so sad when they tear old buildings down.

    You know, your bowl that can't speak has made me think. Perhaps a blog would be a good place to occasionally show treasures from relatives that are gone -- then, someday the children could look back and know that "that" treasure might be a good one to keep.

  5. Lovely pictures from your walk. Shame about the demise of the big house. We're demolition mad here, losing some wonderful buildings which were deemed to be 'of no architectural or historical interest'.

  6. But there's pleasure in ruins too.

    So sorry to hear about Sirius; it's not unreasonable at all to be upset, I think one of the gifts animals bring us is access to grief; the sadness we feel about losing them is direct, intense and uncomplicated, in the same way that the love we feel for them is, and in a way that our more complex feelings for other humans in our lives can't quite be.

    You may remember we were told we'd be lucky to have another year with Molly, and that was nearly 18 months ago; we have appreciated all the time we've had with her, but every time she gets poorly with ear infections or seems to be tiring or flagging or wheezy, I go through a whole series of imaginings of what it will be like to lose her. It's kind of agonising, but it's a price that has to be paid, I suppose.