Saturday, June 29, 2013

Smiling. Sort of.

Here are two pictures of the grandchildren laughing.

There's nothing particularly remarkable about them, but I'm posting them to cheer myself up a bit. This is my parents' wedding anniversary and I'm feeling - well, you know. They're not around any more. And Daughter 2 and her husband have been house-hunting in London, which I'm happy about because I don't want them to have to go on living in a rented flat but on the other hand it does make their living there seem rather permanent. Which it is, of course. And yes, yes, I know, they could be living in Australia (a fine place in itself, no doubt, but an even longer way away).

Tim Henman made me smile the other day when he was commenting on Andy Murray's game as he won fairly easily at Wimbledon against someone whose name I've forgotten. This someone was looking weary as he tore about the court chasing the ball, and Tim said sympathetically, "Someone stick a fork in him - I think he's done." I don't suppose it was an original observation but I hadn't heard it before. Then a little later, his co-commenter said something about this player looking as if he was feeling pain somewhere in his body and Tim Henman said, "I imagine it's not in the tips of his ears, but probably everywhere else." Not hugely witty but Mr Henman always seemed so serious when he was a player.


  1. around here we say, "poke him with a fork - he's done!" and it means the same thing...

    and, yes, i know ... i received my monthly letter from hospice, full of advice about how to move through grief, and this one began with, "We know that it has been almost a year since your mother's death blah blah blah..." and i felt - well, you know...

  2. Doesn't time fly? We're coming up on a year since The Prince left us. He and I were not chummy, but death is, well, so final! But meanwhile you have the next generation to cheer you...

    What a lovely surprise in the mail this week---Thank you Isabelle!

  3. Such wonderful smiles! Your granddaughter looks as if she couldn't possibly be any happier, as if filled with joy, delight, bliss.

  4. Those babies are so cute -- I think they would cheer up the saddest day. Paul and Scruff send kitty love....